famous last words

Just read the last sentence of my previous post from 3 years ago. Heh.

Yeah, I thought I might as well make it official that Tamers isn’t being finished (shocking, I know). There was never much point to doing something that’s already been done anyway, and the combined release of Wild Bunch’s and our stuff is perfectly fine aside of people with severe OCD issues and such. All in all, this will probably be the last post on this blog, so I guess that’s that! Not like it wasn’t a foregone conclusion already, but it always felt weird for the latest post to be “look at me working on stuff!”.

This is me actually doing work for a change


Because why not? I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch the fun process of timing+QC of a mediocre episode.

Edit: okay, that’s done. Current status is just getting the remaining scripts (10-15 at the moment) out of the way between this week and the next and then they’re off to TLC. Maybe this’ll be done this year after all!

New year’s resolution

Get my lazy ass to actually finish Tamers. Probably. Last thing I did was episode 6 back in summer or something.

Nope, not dead yet

Just slow as shit.

Release: Digimon Frontier 23/25 DVD version


Nevermind, they’ve been deleted already. Just get them from the updated torrent at BakaBT. Or ask someone else who’s got them to upload them somewhere else, ’cause I’m not bothering with DDLs anymore, especially now that I had to downgrade to cheaper internet and my upload got reduced by half, plus I can’t seem to hold a connection while uploading anything.

Thanks to Densetsu Team and jvmunhoz for the raws.

Note: I completely forgot to mux the fonts for episode 25. Install the fonts included here to fix.

Note #2: Haha what the hell, the scripts were deleted too. Because a bunch of .ass files and fonts by themselves are just so useful. Right. New link here.

Release: Digimon Frontier Movie – Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Download: MKV / AVI

Torrent: MKV / AVI


And that’s it for the movies. Will finish up Tamers next.

Translation, more like scriptwriting

Grizzmon, you’re not the one we’re looking for!{Grizzmon, you made a promise!}
Stop it already!{Well excuse me!}
Please get along…{I’m gonna cry….}
How come you get along?{Why are you crying?}
Don’t tell anyone, okay?{Be nice, okay?}
We’ll get scolded if they find out we’re together!{We found something neat together!}
Don’t listen to the strangers!{Please don’t hurt the strangers!}
You saw it too!{You guys have also been forsaken!}

13 minutes into the Frontier movie. And here I thought WPP’s translation wouldn’t be horrible this time, judging by the first couple of minutes…