Release: Digimon Frontier 23/25 DVD version


Nevermind, they’ve been deleted already. Just get them from the updated torrent at BakaBT. Or ask someone else who’s got them to upload them somewhere else, ’cause I’m not bothering with DDLs anymore, especially now that I had to downgrade to cheaper internet and my upload got reduced by half, plus I can’t seem to hold a connection while uploading anything.

Thanks to Densetsu Team and jvmunhoz for the raws.

Note: I completely forgot to mux the fonts for episode 25. Install the fonts included here to fix.

Note #2: Haha what the hell, the scripts were deleted too. Because a bunch of .ass files and fonts by themselves are just so useful. Right. New link here.

Release: Digimon Frontier Movie – Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Download: MKV / AVI

Torrent: MKV / AVI


And that’s it for the movies. Will finish up Tamers next.

Release: Digimon Frontier 50 (End) & batch torrents

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


Torrent 01-50 (MKV-H264)
Torrent 01-50 (AVI-Xvid)

It really doesn’t feel like we started this thing almost 2 years ago. Would have been done in half the time if it wasn’t for my laziness, of course, but eh.

So, Frontier. I guess it wasn’t as bad overall as I had thought. Up to the Royal Knights arc, it had been “okay”, and while it dropped to “screw this” during that arc, I did enjoy the ending, even if some stuff was pretty much forced.

In any case, I can’t possibly get here without giving major credit to Lord Starfish, who stuck with me through this whole thing. If it wasn’t for him, the scripts would have been quite a bit worse than they are now. I feel like I always undeservedly get all the credit, so make sure to thank him as well. :P

Release: Digimon Frontier 49

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


Motivation sure speeds things up. Well, and this episode being extremely fast to translate helped too.

Release: Digimon Frontier 48

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


One does not simply walk into the Real World.

And I will take this opportunity to advertise a 27-second sample of my first AMV ever, after having toyed with the idea for years. A few years ago, it would surely have been Digimon, but… yeah, Raildex is my current addiction.

Here’s hoping I don’t just give up halfway through.

Release: Digimon Frontier 47

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


At this rate, half my bookmarks are gonna be filesharing sites, for when one or the other just stops working. Anyway, just 3 more!

Release: Digimon Frontier 46

MKV (H264): Filecloud / JumboFiles
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / JumboFiles


Yeah, this took way longer than it should have. As usual.

Okay, that was unexpected

>my face when this

Read the latest comment by chortos here for a comparison if you care. I’d make a joke about dropping Frontier but that got kinda old.

Release: Digimon Frontier 45

MKV (H264)  Mirror
AVI (Xvid)


Almost done with this arc. Finally. At least this episode was mostly fight scenes so it was fast to translate (once I actually got to it, that is).

Release: Digimon Frontier 44

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)


Let’s see how long the links last~

In completely unrelated news, I randomly stumbled upon an AMV using this song and now I’m addicted to it.