Release: Digimon Frontier 50 (End) & batch torrents

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


Torrent 01-50 (MKV-H264)
Torrent 01-50 (AVI-Xvid)

It really doesn’t feel like we started this thing almost 2 years ago. Would have been done in half the time if it wasn’t for my laziness, of course, but eh.

So, Frontier. I guess it wasn’t as bad overall as I had thought. Up to the Royal Knights arc, it had been “okay”, and while it dropped to “screw this” during that arc, I did enjoy the ending, even if some stuff was pretty much forced.

In any case, I can’t possibly get here without giving major credit to Lord Starfish, who stuck with me through this whole thing. If it wasn’t for him, the scripts would have been quite a bit worse than they are now. I feel like I always undeservedly get all the credit, so make sure to thank him as well. :P

53 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier 50 (End) & batch torrents

  1. BrandMyCow says:

    Why has it ended?! Just kidding, haha. Thanks for the subbing of this season since 2010 I believe? Cheers to PositronCannon and Lord Starfish :D. From YouTube after watching your uploaded videos there, I came to your WordPress account. I sincerely want to thank you. So thanks, Positron and Starfish.

  2. Puto says:

    The way Toei blend-faded the ED song at the end still feels totally awkward.

  3. tsunamywave says:

    Thank you Positron and Lord Starfish! I appreciate all of your hard work!

  4. Muse says:

    Thank you all so much for all the time, hard work, effort and patience that you guys took to bring us quality Frontier episodes. Good job continuing throughout without giving up halfway!

    It might took quite a while, but good things are worth the wait. Looking forward for the AVI batch soon :)

  5. Kabuto says:

    Thanks again! Looking forward to finally getting a good copy of the Frontier movie, along with whenever Tamers will be finished up.

  6. DaveTheAnalyzer says:

    Thank you for the submission. It was a treat to watch Frontier with better quality and better subs from you two. Now to get the fixed version of 17 and the movie, and I’ll be all set.

    Did you say some time ago you were considering your next project to be to fix your 02 subs? Or have you changed your mind, and it’s now going to be something different.

    Again, thanks for subbing almost half of the Digimon franchise!

  7. Synn says:

    Thanks, you are great =3

  8. John246l says:

    Thank you! Both of you! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to watch frontier uncensored in a language I fully understand. You have done a very good job! Thanks LordStarfish and PositronCannon!

  9. OMG, WPP’s Frontier version is no more, thank you PositronCannon & Lord Starfish, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Luna says:

    Thanks for all the works you and Lord Starfish have done so far! :D

  11. John246l says:

    Btw, there is a mistake in the episode. When they lift their digivices to evolve to susanomon It shows 6 hands and one of them is apparently Koichi’s, who’s not there.

  12. Congratulations on finishing Frontier! I had been keeping WPP’s version next to this because it sold very well at BakaBT, but just deleted it with no regrets. Expecting your release to supersede WPP’s there anyway very soon (might be I’ll just offer it myself if no one has done so before I get back home, unless you specifically want to do that yourself) :p

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can you please upload the edited scripts for Tamers?

  14. Thank you very much for subbing.

  15. Ahmad Hasimi says:

    thank you very much!:)

  16. meee says:

    Thank you guys so much! Finally, a decent fansub of the whole season! Can’t wait for Tamers and Frontier movie! I really appreciate your work and taking your time to sub this relatively underrated season IMO.

  17. BrandMyCow says:

    I can’t believe I’m already missing watching this season. Really looking forward to the torrent release. T.T

  18. Anonymous says:

    I really can’t thank you guys enough for sticking with it and finishing the entire series, and especially for providing newly-translated, accurate scripts for every episode. Frontier’s easily my favorite Digi-series after Adventure, so it’s nice to essentially have WPP’s horrid translations erased from history.

    So, based on one of your replies above, I guess the current “plan” is to finish 02-15 of Tamers, and then do the Frontier film? Then possibly the revised Adventure 02 scripts? Sorry, I know I sound like a jerk by going “awesome, so what’s next?” I was just a little curious about the current line-up of stuff to look forward to. The Frontier CD Drama already has a (very accurate) translation online, so once the Frontier film is done, that’ll be everything!

    As for the final episode, I actually found Bokomon’s “goodbye” scene more heartfelt and emotional than Koichi’s revival. But I guess I’m in the minority on that one. So, PositronCannon, Lord Starfish, did you guys have any favorite Frontier episodes in particular?

    • meee says:

      I think Frontier has the best ending episode. It’s so heart breaking and emotional and sums up everything they went through and how they changed and made a legend perfectly.

    • Well personally I always really liked Ardhamon’s intro-episode. Sure, not a whole lot happened aside from Takuya and Mercuremon fighting, but what can I say, I just really liked that fight. It was one of the rare occasions where I genuinely felt as though the character’s life was in danger… Oh, and the music-choice helped too, obviously.
      Aside from that, I think the final episode deserves a mention. Granted, it did have a few headscratcher-moments, (So, uh… why was there such an urgent need for them to go back home through Lucemon’s portal? Was there really no other way for them to get back? And if so… What would have happened if they’d beaten Lucemon BEFORE he opened that thing? Would they have been trapped in the Digital World forever? :/ ) and I didn’t really think the epilogue was all that necessary as it was pretty much just a minute and a half of the characters summarising their development through the show, but on the whole it was still a pretty awesome ending, even though I’m not sure it really made up for the oh-so-boring Royal Knights-arc leading up to it…

  19. Anonymous says:

    And now please sub digimon 02 movies :*

  20. Chortos‑2 (Oleg Oshmyan) says:

    Sorry to bother you with something silly again, but I added 417 v2.ass to AniDB with a non-empty release date, then realized I might’ve been wrong about the date and then found that AniDB wouldn’t let me edit it without going through the moderators. So to minimize moderator annoyance: did you put the v2 script in the script archive immediately, meaning it got released with the next episode of Frontier? The 17 v2 release post itself doesn’t contain a script archive link. While I’m at it, can I also have the release dates of the two Positron–Puto DA02 scripts? Assuming you can still remember or figure them out yourself. :P

    • Can’t say I *actually* remember, but considering my usual release routine, I’d say the script for 417 v2 was released along with whatever episode came after, yeah. As for 02, going by the “last modified” date (which should be the same as the release date of the respective episodes), it seems to be 17/02/2012 for episode 1 and 22/02/2012 for episode 2.

  21. Prodepon says:

    Thanks for giving Frontier proper subtitles!
    I enjoyed this season so much. :o

  22. OoOoOodlezz says:

    Great work on the finished, high quality subs guys!

    But now, I have to get over the fact that it”s finished…

    Them feels.

  23. MagicBox says:

    I keep forgetting to ask this, but it’s something I’ve always wondered. I noticed that Bokomon has a bit of a speech quirk, using “-han” as an honorific and ending most of his sentences with “jai.” What dialect is that, exactly? I know Tentomon from Adventure has a Kansai dialect, which also uses “-han,” so is it something similar to that?

    • Link2Hyrule says:

      It is exactly the same. I feel like calling you a numbskull since you know of the Kansai Dialect but you still called Bokomon’s accent a speech impediment, but I will refrain from doing so this time.

      • “Speech quirk” isn’t the same as “speech impediment”. : |

      • Anonymous says:

        With all due respect, “quirk” and “impediment” have two very different definitions, and I would never use the latter term to describe a popular dialect. My previous post was in no way meant to be derogatory. Thank you for answering my question, though, and for semi-exercising some restraint with name-calling.

  24. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for seeing this through to the end! :D Makes me so happy.

    … And I’d like to add, thankyou very much for making an AVI torrent as well. <3

  25. TsUNaMy WaVe says:

    Hey Positron, do you know where can I get the dvd raws for episode 17, 23, 25 of frontier? I really need them…

    • If Positron knew where to get DVD raws for episodes 23 and 25, he’d’ve made v2 releases of them. That said, it seems the guys over at Densetsu Team do have DVD raws, and they have said they’ll publicly release them at some point.

      • TsUNaMy WaVe says:

        I think I read on the 17 v2 topic that someone in the comments got them and uploaded…
        Anyway, even 17 only will help!

        • Ah, true. But I don’t think they ever actually uploaded them after saying they’d got them (I’d be happy to be wrong though!): they didn’t say so in that comment thread, and it doesn’t seem like Positron is working on v2 releases for episodes 23 and 25 at the moment.

          So yeah, your best bet is probably to use the video from Positron’s 17 v2 for episode 17 and the DivX TV raws for episodes 23 and 25 if you need them now and then to wait for Densetsu Team (or Joker from the comment thread) to hopefully release DVD raws for all of them.

  26. Positron if you’re done come back to us


    • I honestly didn’t expect you to remember/care after a year. But yeah, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t considered it. I still got some stuff to finish on my end, but I think I’ll be taking the dust off my IRC client soon.

      I never thought I’d say it but I think I’d really find myself missing something if I quit completely. Fucking fansubbing, how does it work.

    • BrandMyCow says:

      If I may ask, but who are you? I’m curious as to whether Positron worked alongside with you at some time

  27. animeshadow says:

    Can you please reupload the torrent or dl links? my computer died round about the time you finished subbing 44 of Frontier, i got it back last week and was disheartened when it wouldn’t let me get the last 6 episodes

    it would be very appreciative

  28. I’m just glad you guys still have your batch torrent cached on, with active seeders no less. Really helps. Though, if it’s not too much, would it be possible for you guys to reupload just the scripts again. Many thanks.
    P.S. you are awesome!

  29. Sudarno says:

    Hi, would you be able to seed the avi? I am downloading up to 80% but it’s not downloading anymore…

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