Digimon Adventure 02

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59 Responses to Digimon Adventure 02

  1. OneLonelyPickle says:

    Thank goodness I found these again :)

  2. Lumi says:

    Can I just say this is an incredibly awesome thing that has been done? Same goes for all the series being worked on. <3

  3. Dai says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you so much!

  4. Wahyu Satrio says:

    do the mediafire links for the avi have been removed?

  5. sdaojksdajkl says:

    after the whole incident with megavideo, is there anywhere else i can watch these on the internet? thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey what wrong with the mediafire link?? how everytime i click it,it went to rapidshare? :/

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment here to say just how thankful I am for your hard work. Adventure 02 was my favorite show as a child – even more so than the first season – and I’ve been looking for a subbed version of it for three years or more. I’m downloading the last episode now and I’m so happy – that I got to rewatch one of my favorite shows, and to once again have the opportunity of noticing just how much more there is to Digimon than just a merchandise-driven franchise. THANK YOU. I realize how hard it must be to sub all these things, and I’ve got to say that you’re a HERO. I wish there was any way I could help with your other projects, but my Japanese is veeeeeeery basic T___T.

    Again, THANK YOU. It might not be much, but you’ve made a person very happy this month.

  8. Hi!!
    I would like to know if you have any intention of subbing the first Digimon Adventure 02 movie with the golden digimentals!!
    And thank you sooooooo much for subbing them i love your incredible work!!

  9. cloud270790 says:

    Snimon should be “Insect-type” Digimon (Konchuu-gata Digimon). But for the rest – great job!

  10. TrippNessa says:

    I just want to say thank you for subtitling this series, and I see that you’re re-doing some of it as well =) This was my favorite season of Digimon, even if most Digimon fans hated it, and you did an incredible job.

  11. meh says:

    Amazing job on the subs,any chance for you to do season 1? :D

  12. MMGM says:

    In the Media Fire Folder there is something call Adventure 02 Scripts… what does that do?

  13. Elga Nelly says:

    When you’re gonna add new versions of these episodes? :)

  14. Shahabiii says:

    Just wondering that what is the difference of Digimon02 V2 then the original!? thank you.

  15. Elga Nelly says:

    OK, I hope you’re gonna add some new versions soon.
    They are really good.

  16. Kayne says:

    Hi, may I ask when the higher quality batch is gonna be up for torrent?

  17. Chortos‑2 says:

    Just wondering, since it’s not clear from the present content of the relevant blog posts: what is the current state of 02, especially after the recent takedown of episodes hosted on MediaFire?

    And another question: is the video in the Positron, as opposed to Positron–Puto, files for 02 re-encoded from the old Xvid raws? I thought I’d seen this explicitly stated here, but can’t find now.

    And now a note: the current batch torrents have file names with ‘v2’ in them, so perhaps it isn’t a very good idea to name the new Positron–Puto scripts ‘v2’.

    • We never did anything past episode 2 with that, and right now those two aren’t uploaded anywhere either. Can’t really say much about it at this point.

      Yes, the [Positron] releases were encoded from those.

  18. Elga N says:

    Can you tell us when you’re gonna start the new versions of Adventure 02?

    • Honestly, it’ll be done when it’s done. Puto’s the one doing most of the work and he’s busy, while I personally don’t have much of an interest in 02 in the first place. It doesn’t help that the DVDs aren’t exactly amazing in terms of quality to begin with either.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mr. Positron! I’m just a random Digimon fan who follows your subs. I was wondering about something. I’m not a big techie so bear with me =P I went back here to download the mkv format of season 2 because I was under the impression it would be better quality, because mkvs usually are. But I just compared my original avis to the mkvs and I honestly don’t see any difference. Perhaps I’m missing something? Also, are the mkv subtitles any better or are the two packs basically identical? I would kind of like to know so I don’t download 9+ gb of something I already have haha.

    • If by the original AVIs you mean Positron’s subbed AVIs, then the MKVs are better. If you mean the Xvid raws paired with Positron’s external subtitle files, the MKVs are worse. The differences may not be very noticeable because the quality of the source (the Xvid raws) isn’t very high. Now, if you somehow get hold of the Positron–Puto version of the first two episodes, that should look quite a bit better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, okay. Thanks. When I said my “original” avis I meant the ones I already had downloaded a while ago. Like I said, I’m not a big techie so I won’t see the difference in quality some more experienced people do. But I’ll take your word for it that the mkvs are better =)
        Although now I’m curious about these Positron-Puto versions. I’d love to see that. I have some other things that seem to be done by Puto (I download things at random) and their quality is amazing, even to the untrained eye.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Incredible… But why is my torrent download so slow? should it be that slow? Like 50kb per sec slow, n sometimes stops completly =/

    • Anonymous says:

      To my last comment, it was actually 5kb per sec (accidentally added a 0)…

    • It’s what happens when I don’t have a seedbox, my home connection has terrible upload, and not a lot of people seed.

      Though the MKV torrent should be fine since it’s hosted on BakaBT where people actually seed, a lot.

  21. Will says:

    With all my heart, I’d like to thank you! I loved this series so much when I was a child and I’m glad someone uploaded the translated version of the series in good quality too =D

  22. Lester says:

    Thank you for the wonderful subs, allowing me to relive my childhood again.
    However, I have yet to finish downloading due to lack of seeders.
    Please help and thank you.

  23. Can someone please tell me where to find Positron Subs list of mediafire links of Digimon 02? The torrent is not working and if I have the links and time I can download one by one. But I can’t find the links anywhere and Positron is the best fansubs for Digimon 02. Can someone lend me a hand please?

  24. someone :p says:

    thanks T_T

    now that supremo no fansub is dead…

  25. DTH says:

    Hey, just passing by to say thanks for your incredible work on this!

  26. daniel riveros says:

    hello, it have japanese subtitles? gracias

  27. elly says:

    what’s the size of the video? is it 720p?

    • Oleg Oshmyan says:

      It’s DVD video, so it can’t be 720p unless it’s upscaled by the encoder (PositronCannon in this case), but it’s questionable whether that’s useful.

      Specifically, this release is 640×480.

  28. ry says:

    would you ever do english dub of this season? This season was the best!

  29. vlad8599 says:

    Hello. I want to use your subs for Russian translate of DA02. Of course, you will be listed as author of original subs, because subs from Maddo-Team is really sucks. Can I do this?

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