Release: Digimon Frontier 23/25 DVD version


Nevermind, they’ve been deleted already. Just get them from the updated torrent at BakaBT. Or ask someone else who’s got them to upload them somewhere else, ’cause I’m not bothering with DDLs anymore, especially now that I had to downgrade to cheaper internet and my upload got reduced by half, plus I can’t seem to hold a connection while uploading anything.

Thanks to Densetsu Team and jvmunhoz for the raws.

Note: I completely forgot to mux the fonts for episode 25. Install the fonts included here to fix.

Note #2: Haha what the hell, the scripts were deleted too. Because a bunch of .ass files and fonts by themselves are just so useful. Right. New link here.

31 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier 23/25 DVD version

  1. Thank you so much for the release, and nice touch on the inconspicuous rar names. It works like a charm.

  2. jbendavis says:

    Thanks much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Were the originals not DVD rips?

  4. The episode 17 raw is also a new one. I don’t think either version is consistently more detailed or less noisy than the other (I could only find any difference whatsoever by carefully looking at a frame every ten seconds, and even then in some of these frames one version was better and in some the other), but the colours are different.

    It turns out your 17 v2 has had an extraneous PC-to-TV level conversion applied, so the contrast ratio is too low and the colours are washed out. See: screenshots with histograms.

    • Puto says:

      Probably the other way around. The v2 is probably how the DVD looked in the first place.

      • Other episodes are fine. In particular, the two neighbouring episodes, 16 and 18, are fine.

        Alternatively, DVDs used wrong levels throughout/often and the DVD rips for all other episodes, both the old Xvid ones and the new ones made by Densetsu Team, fixed them, in which case you still want Positron–LS’s 17 to have proper levels for the sake of consistency. Finally, even if it is true that just this episode has wrong levels on the DVD, this is obviously an error that should be fixed at the first opportunity.

        • Puto says:

          Those are from a different source though.
          I don’t even know where 17 came from, I just happened to find an encode on a Portuguese forum.

      • Just to make it clear, I’m not claiming any member of PLSP mishandled the 17 v2 raw and made it have wrong levels. I’m just observing that whatever the cause, ultimately 17 v2 does have wrong levels.

        I can’t say a v3 is truly necessary, but I think it would be nice.

  5. Thank you very much for this release.

  6. jbendavis says:

    Although what’s up with the bizarro fonts? And why didn’t you fix the intro, where the text overlaps itself (new verse appears before the last one erases)

    • …I think I completely forgot to mux the fonts in.

      I have no idea about the overlap thing, though. Not happening on my end.

      • jbendavis says:

        I tried Windows Media Player and that seemed to work better. I think my version of VLC might be out of date or something. So nevermind, and thanks again for uploading!

  7. misopsychia says:

    Thanks for the update Would really appreciate a Tamers batch for Xvid =)

  8. rene_recluse says:

    Thx for the update, but all the links were deleted T_T

  9. Anonymous says:

    do you think you could update the 23 and 25 files in the .avi torrent? the .mkv files never play on my laptop for some reason, but i can watch the .avi files perfectly

    • AVI-Xvid sucks so there wouldn’t be much improvement from using DVD raws.

      • meee says:

        I gotta agree with Anonymous here. MKV files have better quality but they still dont have full support. For example, my TV can’t play .mkv files. If it isn’t THAT much trouble for you, I’d appreciate .avi files along with .mkv ones. But, thanks for this anyway.

        • YellowAccel says:

          You can create your own mp4 with xvid4psp. That’s what i do when fansub group only release MKV. Personally i can’t see the difference between my MP4 and the MKV of the group exept that i don’t have to watch them on my PC.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the updated eps. Can’t wait to see the rest of Tamers and Frontier final releases.

  11. Saruri says:

    Epi 25 corrupts at time 2.39; several colorful blocks appeared. I use both Media Player Classic & VLC to play, still same; I even check the file’s CRC, but it’s ok too. Original corrupt???

  12. crucial says:

    Anyone can upload the 3 raw episodes from Densetsu Team?

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