Digimon Tamers

Original translation by PositronCannon (episodes 16-40) and cardslash02 (41-51)
TLC & editing by Lord Starfish and Puto (16-51)
Timing & typesetting by PositronCannon (16-51)
Encoding by Puto (16-51)

Torrent (episodes 1-15 courtesy of The Wild Bunch)

Scripts (16-51)

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95 Responses to Digimon Tamers

  1. anonym says:

    hey, i found out there are a site who finished tamers series sub. check tis one out:

    hope it help.

  2. gustamam says:

    where is episode 2-15?

  3. @AndyAlex
    Yes, but only after we’re done with 16-51.

  4. VeGa says:

    Thanks for the releases! Out of curiosity why is there a difference (> 20 MB) between MKV episodes 16 and 17.

  5. Just wanted to say, thanks. I really mean that, and so do thousands of other Digimon fans. Without people like you I would never have gotten back into Digimon because of how terrible the English dubs are. They killed this series in the Western world, and they almost killed my love for Digimon as well.

    You can be 150% sure that if they ever release the Japanese subbed versions in North America that I will buy them and support whichever amazing company is publishing them. Once again, thanks, and please continue to sub the other seasons :)

    • pu7o says:

      Digimon 02 [i]was[/i] released subbed for direct download in America. But the subs are kind of… ehh…

    • Andrew Mayes says:

      Honestly, the English dubs of Digimon weren’t all that terrible, especially compared to its contemporaries. Back in 1999, English dubs were, with a few exceptions (Cowboy Bebop), known for being absolutely horrendous and disrespectful to the source material. The English-language versions of, say, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, and Card Captor Sakura had entire episodes cut out and/or rearranged, relationships between characters edited, and in the case of Escaflowne and CCS, tried to hide the fact that the main characters were female by editing the scenes so the male characters had more screen-time.

      Compared to all that, the dubs of Digimon actually made a lot of positive steps toward giving us accurate, true-to-the-original dubs in many anime to come. Sure, there were name changes, censorships, and cringe-worthy puns. But the episodes themselves were left almost completely intact — the episode count was actually the same in both the US and Japan for once. Believe it or not, that was actually RARE back then; the early dub of DBZ had about 15 episodes’ worth of footage removed (they didn’t skip any episodes, they just did a LOT of editing), resulting in completely different episode counts. And don’t even get me started on Card Captor Sakura.

      But, the dub’s music – at least for the first two seasons – was by far the worst part of the series’ translation to the West. I can deal with the sometimes campy voice acting, the unnecessary edits, or anything else about the English version of the show when you compare it to what they did to the musical score. I mean, the scores themselves weren’t that bad, but like I always say: “It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.” Saban took the trouble to compose some pretty exciting, dynamic (and most of all, loud), fully-orchestrated pieces to use for Digimon. But then once all that work had been put in, the editor or producer or whomever slathered it all over the show with no rhyme or reason to its placement and no pauses in between.

      The English dub sounds like a party full of instruments yakking away through every single episode; they may be having perfectly interesting musical conversations, but they don’t have much direct relation to what’s on-screen except maybe a general mood, and sometimes they don’t even get the mood right. Worst of all, the music never shuts up; there aren’t any dramatic or comedic moments of silence, there aren’t transition or special-occasion pieces; it’s just loud, generic, fully-orchestrated fervor blaring away all the dang time.

      Still, while I remember the music being loud and distracting at age nine, I don’t remember the voice acting being bad, so clearly, the music must be the series’ greatest handicap. Digimon has consistently been packed chock-full of some of the best voice actors in the business – talented folks who could maintain multiple unusual animated voices and convey complex emotions at the same time; in other words, people who could be great actors. This is the rare “double threat” that makes people like Steve Blum, Mary McGlynn, and Crispin Freeman irresistible, and mastery over both sides of voice acting is pretty rare. Digimon has an astounding amount of these double-threat voices in its cast every single season, including the three dynamos I mentioned earlier. Despite this, some lines still lack emotion, or at least realistic emotion, and other line deliveries fall into so-bad-it’s-hilarious territory, so… what went wrong?

      To be honest, not too much, as after the first several episodes, Digimon’s dub was perfectly listenable. Initially, though, it was downright awful, and even later in the show, it would have its awful moments. You could have all the best actors in the world, but if the director sucks, your actor sucks. Combine that with the near-absolute truth that dubs in every language are shaky at first, as the actor tackles a character they don’t know yet and only prove their quality a little way further in, and you have actors who didn’t know their characters being poorly directed through a god-awful script.

      The adapted scripts for Digimon were riddled with horrible puns throughout the first two seasons, and this too was something that decreased as the series wore on (thank goodness), but while the acting got much better very quickly (because presumably the directors did care, and just had to learn what they were doing along with the actors), the writing was always luck-of-the-draw. Some episodes were good; some even had very funny added puns and actions quips, and some were abysmal; the show had a veritable platoon of writers over its course, but over time, the favorite pair in the writing team became a duo of voice actors: Bob Buccholz and Jeff Nimoy. Their scripts were generally very bad-joke-heavy, but they weren’t bad scripts, as they didn’t decimate dramatic moments, and packed most of their painful wisecracks into the action scenes and whatnot (where they actually belonged). The exception to this was the ruinous destruction of the final villain’s character; they gave Apocalymon heaps upon heaps of jokes every other line when it’s obvious from his appearance, his motivations, and even his English voice that he has absolutely no business trying to be funny. I seriously think those two jokers were actively making fun of the material just because they could, and forgot that some of us, even as kids, really do care about this stuff and don’t want the show to parody itself. The results really screw up the entire episode, and almost made Apocalymon non-threatening.

      I’m going to drop all pretenses here and speak personally for a second; I’ve met Jeff Nimoy. He seems like an extremely cool dude and a perfectly lovely human being. He did not ruin Adventure or Zero Two (in fact, quite a bit of his writing is pretty darn funny); I still believe the essence of the show is preserved, and is about as good as a kid-oriented reversioning ever gets, especially considering that this was almost twelve years ago. However, if I were in Nimoy’s position working on this series, I just don’t think I would’ve ever decided to write or cast the show the way he did.

      I just don’t get the logic behind trying to cram dialogue, whether funny or even dramatic, into any scene with silence in it, as if even a moment of quiet will bore the children. Nor do I understand breaking up the dramatic scenes with jokes, even if they are funny. Yes, this happened in Adventure a lot, but that was like pinching an elephant; a little annoying, but overall, didn’t affect much due to the strength of what was standing there. With Zero Two, it’s like shooting a wounded deer; the material is struggling already, and you’re causing it to wretch around even more.

      And oh boy, did the voices get worse in Zero Two before they got better. By show’s end, it was back up to par with its predecessor, but at the very start, we had the new voices waffling around with the same acting problems the beginning of the first season had. The girls came off okay, but our little boys no longer sound like little boys as they did in Adventure; they sound like strange, cartoony stereotypes specifically designed to make us stick knives in our eardrums. I’m even referring to Doug Erholtz’s T.K. voice too; you cannot convince me for half a second that this is the voice of a young boy. And worse than that, like Davis, the bizarreness of T.K.’s tambour actually makes me dislike him for no good reason.

      The Digimon, who had always been strange and cartoony but easy to get used to, had obnoxious speech affectations in Zero Two that tied them to the real world; Armadillomon was a western bumpkin, Hawkmon was a stuffy Brit, and Veemon was… Davis raised two octaves. Why do they need a vocal gimmick? It’s funny when it’s used on minor stooges, but in Zero Two we have to live with these characters as the leads; their voices shouldn’t rely on a quick gag or stereotype, it’s distracting.

      Regardless, I can’t help but feel these choices hurt Zero Two more than they ever hurt Adventure, as Zero Two contains one of the only times I will ever say, “Watch this episode of Digimon in Japanese only!” While I do prefer the Japanese versions of Digimon on the whole, it’s still pretty hard to get me to say that about a kids’ show. The one episode of Digimon that I think was flat-out ruined by loose English adaptation is episode 23 of Zero Two (and that’s really all this entire rant was leading up to). The episode where Ken reflects on his past and repents of his evil ways absolutely needs to be quiet, slow, and very well acted to work; the English version is overblown, talky, and Derek Prince as Ken honestly feels lost in what the heck he’s supposed to be reading. If you’re revisiting the show and are over ten years old, watch this one in Japanese, or else you’re not going to get very much out of it.

      tl;dr – Either way, the dub of Digimon had a lot of terrific things about it. The acting was iffy depending on the script that day, but most kids’ anime at the time (or even anime in general, because this was the late-‘90s) had plenty of horrible dubs, so Digimon was downright exceptional in places by comparison. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Japanese version of Digimon is a LOT better. The English translation of the show took some rather interesting liberties, but honestly, compared to most other kids’ shows, Digimon’s editing and censorship problems are a lot more reserved than the norm. And as the dub went further on, the acting became stellar for a kids’ show, and the dub writers began making more active attempts to keep the spirit of the show intact; they didn’t dumb anything down. So, besides the bad puns, name changes, and new (awkwardly-placed) music, it’s pretty damn true to the original. I don’t feel bad watching the English dub.

      • Alex Boer says:

        I just watched Adventure and 2/3 of Zero Two in English. I chose English because it tickled my nostalgia. Is it worth going back and watching them over again in Japanese?

        • Andrew Mayes says:

          I would say so. The English dubs are by no means terrible, but the fact still stands that the Japanese version is superior no matter what way you look at it. At the very least, watch them in Japanese for the music, if nothing else — the Japanese music is superb.

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  7. Ryan Fauzan says:

    when eps 43-51 come ?

  8. |tt says:

    Your zShare dl link for 23v2, 25v2, 26v2 and 27v2 is down. Would appreciate if you could reupload the files again. Thanks in advance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi just wondering why the initial episodes aren’t uploaded?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh right, thanks!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, that was a fast reply btw =)

  12. Link2Hyrule says:

    Just out of curiosity, it seems the v2s have stopped at episode 38. Does that mean that the changes you made to the V2 episodes were already implemented in 39, and all episodes following? Or will there be more v2s for the later episodes at some point?

  13. zhuzhu8376 says:

    Hi , I been trying to download Digimon Tamers Episode 44 AVI format from BayFiles / MediaFire,
    i been having problem top download the full file . Please advise thanks in advance.

  14. Pegonzalez says:

    PositronCannon, could post just the subtitles ?
    I have been following your work for a long tiime and it always been fantastic! Congratulation!

  15. Kaiden says:

    I was trying to get the mkv links for 36v2-38v2 and only Rapidshare, DepositFiles, WUpload, and Crocko are available. Crocko is “premium membership only”. WUpload has deleted the files for all three. And lastly, Rapidshare and DepositFiles both seem to drop the download partway through. Is it possible to upload to Bayfiles or Mediafire? Those haven’t failed me yet.

  16. xoxo99 says:

    dear admin, will there be a Mediafire link for the .avi version of episode 25v2?

    i clicked the link, was directed to mirrorcreator and when i select Mediafire, it says ERROR, i tried a few times and it still comes up with that error.

    is it me or is the Mediafire link dead? if it is dead, is there any chance you might re-upload it?

  17. John246l says:

    Uhmm… How often do you upload tamers? I just want to know when to expect a new episode…

    • I’ve been busy lately, but new episodes should be coming soon.

      • John246l says:

        oh ok… I am planning on watching tamers starting tommorow. I am currently watching Xros Wars by Ry-Ro and there are 3 episodes left… But I can’t download episodes 2-15 cause there are no seeds… btw I don’t like bay files cause of the 300 seconds I have to wait… Why did you stop uploading on mediafire and are all of tamers uploaded on bayfiles?

        • Because MediaFire has a 200MB size limit and most of the MKVs are above that. And really, it’s a 5 minute wait. If it’s too much for you, then you’ll have to wait for torrents when we finish this.

          • John246l says:

            It’s not just the time limit… There are some episodes that will never start downloading even after waiting!

  18. John246l says:

    And now that I actually tried downloading, most of the episodes will never start downloading… any chances you will be uploading them on mediafire?

  19. John246l says:

    I guess I will just download the AVIs… For some reason, BayFile links will not even load now while yesterday I just couldn’t download the file. I will download the MKVs when the torrent is released.

  20. Anonymous says:

    episode 37 both avi and mkv link is broken

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice work guys, i love this season of Digimon! Any chance you can make a torrent release for some episodes? its a pain to download from BayFiles :(

  22. NasRULE says:

    yeah.. BF=PAIN.. i cant even finish DLing 1 episode

    i’m waiting for the H264 batch

  23. celestial_sacred says:

    I haven’t kept up with your releases since you left LJ. So excited to see all these updates!!! I’d like to request ep41.mkv. It’s not in the folder and multiupload isn’t working. :( Thank you very much!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Positron, there is dead link for MKV of 37th episode. I hope you’ll fix it asap. Thank you for awesome subs.

    • Should be working now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you very very much, Positron. I have one question. I read somewhere that you do subtitles by spanish dubs instead of translating japanese one. Is it truth? Anyway, another GREAT thanks. You’re great.

        • It’s half-true. The original scripts (well, most of them) were translated from the Spanish dub with no one checking them for accuracy (and thus they were very terrible), but now I have Lord Starfish and Puto helping me out with that to make sure the final translation is as accurate as we can make it.

          It’s the same with Frontier, with Starfish checking my translations, only difference being that my initial translations now are infinitely better than they were back in the Tamers days (since I use the dub for help rather than translate directly from it), but of course they can still be improved lots and Starfish is doing a great job at that. =P

  25. Ultratails42 says:

    The mediafire link for Part 1 of Episode 37 is no longer on the folder. Any chance that can be re-upped? Can’t wait for you guys to finish 48+ and then 2-15. Thanks for all the hard work!

  26. Shawn Tan says:

    Thanks for the sub Positron! You have rekindled my love for the series! The english dub was soooo bad!

  27. inimeg says:

    Can anyone post links to digimon tamers 02-15 as wildbunch torrents are dead

  28. kevin says:

    hello, may i ask when is episode 50 and 51 gonna be completed? sorry for being impatient :p

  29. Retto says:

    yea when? cuz im waiting too :D, also the rest episodes for season 4
    i cant watch season 3 & 4 until they are complete TT
    thanks <3!

  30. Hikari says:

    Episode 25 [AVI] is broken.
    It says that it was blocked for violation o_o

  31. Spectlze says:

    Hi do you stll have the v2 scripts for Digimon tamers?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate all the hard work you have put in to subbing these episodes! Just wondering- will you release the batch torrent before or after you do episodes 2-15? If we wait for you to complete all of those episodes, we could be waiting another 6-12 months…

    • After. It shouldn’t take that long since once we finish Frontier (hopefully by September if I don’t lazy out), I won’t have to translate anything from scratch anymore. Fixing the Tamers scripts doesn’t take me long, especially since I have both Puto and LS helping out so I don’t have to worry as much about accuracy on my end.

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad… so would you predict before halloween then? I suppose I could start watching Frontier before finishing Tamers, unless Frontier contains spoilers as to what happens at the end of Tamers…

      • Oleg Oshmyan says:

        Is there any point in redoing Tamers 2–15 given that they’ve been subbed by The Wild Bunch who have an actual translator? Also, are you going to use their scripts in any way?

        • I still want to do it so there’s a complete release by one group. And no.

          • Daobs says:

            Yeah, i’d prefer the whole season subbed by Positron. I’m just upset with myself for not downloading each episode as they were released :p
            Looking forward to the batch. Thanks Positron :)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is 2-15 still being done or has it been dropped?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey Man, im downloading the torrent right now and i’d like to know. The last episode i saw in the list while donwloading the torrent was 40. Like, is those things in order, and the link is for episodes 16-40 or still working for the 16-51 thing?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hi, by any chance do you have only the Subs file?? I have all episodes but no subtitles and there are nowhere in the web… can you share it please??

  36. Hi, Positron, I’ve read through the thread and was wondering if you’re still going to do/are doing the subs for Digimon Tamers episodes 02 – 15, since the last time someone asked was last year. :)

    • I’ll just copypaste this comment of mine from another post. =P

      >I basically haven’t done anything with Tamers in months due to lack of (mostly) motivation and (kinda) time, and while I still want to finish it at some point, I have no idea when that’ll be. There was talk on BakaBT of making a combined torrent of Wild Bunch’s and our releases, so that’ll probably be the closest thing you’ll get in the near future (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Wild Bunch’s releases are perfectly fine).

      • Ah, thanks for the reply! :) I’ve already begun downloading Wild Bunch’s episodes, and that should do me well… My main concern was with their subs being inferior to yours. I really don’t know what either of your reputations are like, but people really seem to like yours.

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