Nope, not dead yet

Just slow as shit.

25 Responses to Nope, not dead yet

  1. celestial_sacred says:

    Hahaha glad to know! \o/

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol, ditto. Take as much time as you need, just remember to post these reminders from time to time, just for us to feel more at ease ;-). Just for curiosity’s sake, are you thinking about releasing the remaining episodes one-by-one or the entire 14 episodes all at once?

    • Whole thing as a batch, yeah.

      • meee says:

        Hahahahaah, when I first read this comment, I read it like this: “Whole thing as a **BIATCH**, yeah.” What the hell is wrong with me xD
        Anyway, I can finally continue living my life without fear from now on. YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

  3. MaknaeLasco says:

    You have no idea how much happy I was when I found your blog !!!!! T^T
    I downloaded Digimon Frontier -my favorite-, Digimone Tamers from 16-51, and Digimon Frontier movie Revival of the Ancient Digimon. <33

    I`ll be waiting for you ! please don`t die ! or else I`ll die too. /sobs

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your hardworking from the depth of my heart. <3

  4. Neotastic says:

    I just figured you were busy on the subs with Commie, if that is indeed you. (Appreciate your work on Suisei no Gargantia!)

  5. Link2Hyrule says:

    Yay, it’s the return of the Hulufails. Also Positron, nice to see you again too. :D

  6. Good to know that you aren’t dead.

  7. z says:

    are you ded ?

  8. ChaosLacky says:

    Is it true you’re going to release all the Tamers and Frontier final versions at once? Will this also include the Adventure 02 ones?

  9. Tsukumo Yuma says:

    Would you please seed the Digimon movies again?
    They do not have any seeders any more.

    Also, are you subbing savers, and do you need more staff?

  10. Elga N. says:

    @Tsukumo Yuma, Digimon Savers is subbed by RyRo, the same fan-sub which subbed Digimon Adventure 01 and Digimon Xros Wars!

  11. Tsukumo Yuma says:

    Well, will you start seeding the digimon movies again?

  12. Marlo Anderson says:

    Hello. I’m a big fan of Digimon. I really appreciate your guys work having subbed all of the Digimon series that you have done. I’m working on collecting/downloading all of the Digimon episodes that’s out there on the net. The last ones I need to download are Digmon Tamers as well as a couple of the movies such as Digimon Adventure 02 where Wallace and Terriermon are there with the golden Digmonmentals and the Runaway Locomon movie. I always check if you guys up dating your site. Are you guys going to sub those movies soon? Are you guys going to eventually put all of the Digimon Tamers episodes in one torrent file soon?

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