This is me actually doing work for a change

Because why not? I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch the fun process of timing+QC of a mediocre episode.

Edit: okay, that’s done. Current status is just getting the remaining scripts (10-15 at the moment) out of the way between this week and the next and then they’re off to TLC. Maybe this’ll be done this year after all!

37 Responses to This is me actually doing work for a change

  1. jrdemr says:

    Good to see you well and still at it. Which episode is that, by the way?

  2. Lazoe says:

    At which times will you be streaming? This is such an interesting process!

    • I… really don’t think so, but okay! I dunno, I didn’t intend this to be more than a one time thing. Maybe I’ll do it again some other time I’m working on the remaining episodes. I just do it whenever I feel like it.

  3. Lord Starfish says:

    Episode 9, you say? I don’t remember ever getting any scripts for episodes 7 or 8 though… :/

    • Lord Starfish says:

      Oh, wait, I did not see that edit. So you’re gonna finish re-editing the remaining scripts first then?

      • Yeah, I’ll be done with them by Sunday at the latest. I figured I’d better do it this way or else we’d never get it done since I’d just send a script and then rest on my laurels until you sent it back (and even then). =P

  4. UBDED says:

    :O …….You were about to get my standard post, I feel kind of empty now :'( .

  5. doctoreviloverlord says:

    *gasp* I’m so happy that you finally start to working on something.

  6. Rararame says:

    Missed it.

  7. Puto says:

    By the way, we might be able to rip softsub scripts for Tamers out of Netflix if you want to check against that.

    • Hmm, probably not much point by now, especially given the… usual quality of those scripts (I assume they’re the same ones that were on Hulu/CR back then). I think we should be fine.

      And hey, it’s been a while. :P

  8. UBDED says:

    Now UBDED

  9. BrightChaos says:

    Thanks for the update. Look forwards to seeing Tamers finalized.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is everything okay? I just wanna know since I’ve been waiting a long time for these and you don’t seem to update like you used to.

  11. Navi says:

    Dear positronsubs,

    Did it come across you that there will be a new Digimon anime: Digimon Adventures Tri?
    Do you have any plans on subbing it when it releases in Spring?

    I would really like a reply, even if it is a negative one!

    Thanks in Advance!


  12. Puto says:

    Yo! Long time no see~

    Over at F-R, we’re doing encodes of the new BDs of the Digimon movies; you cool with us putting your subs on it?

  13. Lord Starfish says:

    Oh dear, getting a notification about new replies to this post suddenly reminded me… why the HELL have I still not TLC’d the remaining Tamers scripts?! Seriously me, there’s a limit to how inefficient one can be…

  14. jrdemr says:

    Just to check, is the project still being worked on? It’s been quite a while since the last update…

  15. Ken Coleman says:

    The first Digimon Adventure Tri movie was released yesterday, will you be working on that as well or will you have had your fill once you finish with Tamers?

    • There may or may not be something going on in that front and I may or may not be involved in it. I honestly don’t know yet. :P

      • Dumster321 says:

        Hey Positron i noticed you have been quite inactive recently :( i just wanted to know if the plans for finishing tamers was going to be fulfilled :D i mean there is nothing wrong with Wild Bunches releases, but its nice to have all subs from the same group. Thanks and hope you are well !

  16. DexTer says:

    Hoping to get ep 2 to 15, it was akward the change from english to spanish for the subs. Your subs are great. I can finally fnish Tamers for the first time

  17. ChaosLacky says:

    Are you going to sub Digimon Universe Appli Monsters?

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