Release: Digimon Frontier Movie – Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Download: MKV / AVI

Torrent: MKV / AVI


And that’s it for the movies. Will finish up Tamers next.

Translation, more like scriptwriting

Grizzmon, you’re not the one we’re looking for!{Grizzmon, you made a promise!}
Stop it already!{Well excuse me!}
Please get along…{I’m gonna cry….}
How come you get along?{Why are you crying?}
Don’t tell anyone, okay?{Be nice, okay?}
We’ll get scolded if they find out we’re together!{We found something neat together!}
Don’t listen to the strangers!{Please don’t hurt the strangers!}
You saw it too!{You guys have also been forsaken!}

13 minutes into the Frontier movie. And here I thought WPP’s translation wouldn’t be horrible this time, judging by the first couple of minutes…