Digimon Frontier

Initial translation, timing, typesetting & encoding by PositronCannon
Additional translations, TLC & editing by Lord Starfish

Torrent (MKV-H264)
Torrent (AVI-Xvid)


Note: Episode 25 in the MKV torrent is missing the fonts. You may want to use the Scripts link and install the fonts included there.

Playback issues? Install CCCP

111 Responses to Digimon Frontier

  1. Nobie says:

    Thank you for subbing this! I’ve DLed the whole Digimon 02 from you as well as the 3rd season so I know that you make quality subs. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you SO much for releasing this season! I know there arent alot of fans of it but it’s one of my favs and I love that you will be releasing higher quality and better translations. I have Adventure 02 and Tamers from you aswell so I’m really gratefull~!

  3. Anonymous says:

    what happen dude? there’s no release this week..

  4. |tt says:

    Hi, your mediafire link for 28 (h264) and 29 (h264) are the same.

  5. Anonymous says:

    WordPress is covering up your links for episodes 1 – 31, can you please use tinyurl on these links too?

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey, i really love your webpage! and i really love digimon too! but i can’t download episodes…

  7. Syafiq Haziq says:

    which has the good quality does MKV or AVI i’m newbie so,i don’t know this

  8. Lumi says:

    Great quality! Thank you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do you by any chance upload these videos on YouTube?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Plz keep up the good works.

  11. Dukemon says:

    Good job, are you gonna make subs for the rest episodes ?

  12. Anonymous says:

    hi, mediafire link for 34 episode ( avi ) is broken

  13. Carrot says:

    Omg! The quality is really amazing! I thought I wouldn’t find any decent uploaders ever since MU is down! Thanks! :)

  14. gnoy says:

    why digimon frontier ep.17 avi is error in mediafire?

  15. gnoy says:

    i think ep. 20 avi in mediafire aslo have a problem..

  16. gnoy says:

    aslo ep.28 avi have problem..

  17. John246l says:

    Episode 3 MKV does not work. I click download and it does not download. Update it please!

  18. gnoy says:

    ep. 20,28 and 35 does not work..aslo ep. 34,why you don’t upload that in mediafire?i hope you can fixed it..i like your work..:)

    • I had to put them on BayFiles because even after reuploading, they still wouldn’t work on MediaFire.

      • John246l says:

        They worked for me on mediafire eventually but it was taking them hours to download and sometimes when they were supposed to have finished downloading only 20 MB were actually downloaded… Bay Files seems like a good solution but I hate the 300 secs I have to wait…

  19. Sherif Nasrat says:

    Please continue this, this has been one of my childhood favs so I beg you to continue PLEASE :D Good job guys !

  20. John246l says:

    Some of the episodes are marked as Version 2 and some others not… what’s the difference? And is there going to be a version 2 for all the episodes?

  21. TrippNessa says:

    Oh thank GOD you’re subbing this series. I was trying to watch the WPP subtitled episodes and there are tons of parts that just weren’t subtitled, or were horribly timed, the words were all off… made me not even want to watch the series. I know anything you post is great quality though =)

    • That’s what we’re here for. =D

      • TrippNessa says:

        Actually I just tried to watch the fourth episode in AVI and it didn’t work. Something about not supporting the file type / codec used. I tried opening it in VLC media player and UM Player as well, and it wouldn’t play past about halfway through the theme song. It just stopped there as though that was the end of the episode. MKV version worked fine at least. Anyway, just thought you might want to know.

        • I have no idea, it’s working fine here with MPC+CCCP.

          • TrippNessa says:

            No idea then. It was the only one that did that, all of the other AVIs work fine for me. It took a REALLY long time to download compared to the other ones though. The others took maybe a couple minutes, whereas the 4th episode took about an hour… which I also found weird.

          • TrippNessa says:

            Hey, does BayFiles only work if you’re logged in to an account, or is it just a really slow website? I don’t mean the 5 minute wait either. Once I get through that and click “start download”, nothing happens. My url bar shows that it’s trying to load something, but it remains stuck like that. If that’s unusual for BayFiles though I can just try again tomorrow or something.

            • I don’t usually have issues with it, but people apparently do for some reason. I’m considering just using MediaFire for everything, even if I have to split files (which isn’t the case for Frontier other than one file, anyway).

  22. Melissa says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for not letting WPP pressure you in the early days of the Frontier subbing. I appreciate that you care that the fans actually get to watch the show rather than being glory whores who want all the credit. (IE, WPP) <— Though their subs for Frontier are so awful, I don't get why they were being so defensive anyway. I'd think they'd try and forget that those subs ever happened.

  23. Melissa says:

    Just thought I’d add, I’m also having difficulty with AVI episode 4. The download link on Mediafire doesn’t appear to work. I can grab episodes before and after episode 4 no problem though.

  24. AngeloForce9 says:

    thanks mr.P-LS 39 added :D

  25. A.J. says:

    Thank you so much for the sub; it’s wonderful! :) I just wanted to point out that the episode 39 .mkv file Bayfiles link on the list leads to the episode 39 .avi file.

  26. Kadioc says:

    Hello. I have a small question… will you be making a complete torrent once you have finished subbing the series? My Firefox can’t handle direct-downloading the files for some reason, all files always stop downloading at like 11 MB.


  27. Kastatic says:

    Could you upload the BayFiles AVIs on something other than BayFiles? That site doesn’t work for me at all…

  28. gnoy says:

    i get a problem when use bayfiles to download a file ..i think mediafire will be more better..

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi I am from Turkey, We have translated the first three season’s with Turkish subtitles. We haven’t Frontier english sub scripts, we needed to subtitles in English. Thank you sharing 40 episode. We look forward to finish. :)

    My country never released Digimon 4,5 season’s :( Only 3 season released. But we no have turkish dub episode :(

    Plz reply this message!

    DigimonTr admin’s – soniczeki
    Turkish fan page on fb

  30. romeo says:

    hey i was gonna download this but i have a question first,do both links give you all 50 episodes with sub?or you just have some of the episodes with sub?,and which should i get if i wanna put the episodes on a handheld,like a psp or an iphone?

    • We’ve subbed up to episode 41. As for playing them on handhelds, MKV will most likely not work because nothing supports softsubs. AVI may or may not work depending on the device.

      • romeo says:

        dats great :),do you noe by when ya wuld have all 50 done?,dont think im tryin to rush u id preffer if ya take ya time and the outcome turn out great,but i was wondering,and im guessin MKV is the best quality one,will i be able to extract those episodes into mp4?sorry for all the questions btw

        • We’ll probably finish at some point during summer. And yes, you can re-encode them to hardsubbed MP4. The scripts are in the Mediafire downloads folder if you need them.

  31. JD says:


    Umm…may I know where the next 26-50 of Digimon Frontier is?

  32. jay says:

    ok so MKV has episodes 1-25 and the mediafiles folder has the rest from 26-41?

  33. When will you finish episodes 43-50?

  34. kevin says:

    hi again! i downloaded the full season 2 series and 1-49 of your season 3 series! really felt thankful that u are willing to spend time trying to subbed all the episodes! thank you so much! i hope you would continue to work harder to finish the remaining subs for tamers and frontiers! good luck

  35. Felix says:

    My goodness, thank you so much. Your subs have very good quality, and I’m extremely grateful. I feel like I’m about to cry. ;^;

  36. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the good quality subs!

  37. PapXS says:

    The torrent for 1-25 is not seeded >.<
    Might as well wait for the full batch when it is released…

  38. Takua89 says:

    Where would I look to find the MKV raws. So I can use the frontier scripts I downloaded for the second half.

  39. well~i have just download DVD raws they seem nice if anybody wants them Leave a Comment~i’ ll see what i can do

  40. OMG! you even subbed the background music ~~ epic

  41. yin yang says:

    thank you very much for all the effort ^o^

  42. Carrot says:

    The download speed for the MKV torrent is awesome. Thanks a lot for the effort! :)

  43. Why are the subtitles corresponding to 23 and 25 v2s named 42[35].ass and not 42[35] v2.ass? :P

  44. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! :)

  45. Ions12 says:

    Can you do anything about the torrent? It seems to be dead.

  46. Jorlem says:

    Trying to download the MKV version, but I can’t seem to find any seeds.

  47. Anonymous says:

    why wont these download using uTorrent? i add it to my queue but it never starts downloading just keeps saying finding peers. any help is much appreciated!! it does it for adventure 02 too. Keep up the great work thank you for releasing such good subs!!!!!

  48. DISNEYGIRL says:

    If anyone has problems with torrents or don’t know how it works, you can direct download the episodes here. Site: http://rawanimes.blogspot.com/2015/03/digimon-frontier-dual-audio-mkv-720p.html

    All of the video files have a resolution of 720p and it’s dual-audio too with Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese languages. I have tested Positron’s subtitles to this batch awhile back and they seem be in sync with the audio. I hope this helps everyone.

  49. DISNEYGIRL says:

    Just read an update on rawanimes blog. Last month they made a post saying their site will be closed for good. After that, all of their video downloads will be gone. If what they said is true, I urge you guys to download their Digimon Frontier batch while you still can.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi, could someone seed the avi version? I am downloading it up to 80% and it’s not downloading anymore… thanks

  51. Do the subs sync to CXRAW’s 1080p raws? I’m currently downloading those and remembered you had the scripts on here as well. I also read in a couple of the comments that some of the episodes are TVrips, so the scripts would sync to the TVrips, I think? In any case, awesome job.

    • I have no idea, since these were made long before those higher resolution rips were available. Might as well try them out. As for the TV rips, the timing shouldn’t be too different from the DVD ones, from what I can remember. It’s only 2-3 episodes anyway.

  52. alastergr says:

    Hello and thank you again for your exceptional endeavors. Your projects coloured wonderfully my life back then :)

    I am looking to download the subtitles alone but I cannot find such an option in here. Am I missing something ?

  53. Frontliner says:

    Hi, can someone seed for (MKV-H264) ?
    Wanna keep this as a collection, but it won’t move a single bit.
    Or if have alternate source for download (Megaupload etc) would be appreciated.

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