Release: Digimon Frontier Movie – Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Download: MKV / AVI

Torrent: MKV / AVI


And that’s it for the movies. Will finish up Tamers next.

24 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier Movie – Revival of the Ancient Digimon

  1. Anonymous says:

    If anyone’s interested, a faithful script for the CD Drama can be found here:

    With that, Frontier is completed! Thanks again, you guys! You’ve corrected a translation injustice by getting rid of any need for the WPP subs, and now every single piece of Digimon animation has a faithful English translation to go along with it. What a great milestone for the franchise’s 15th anniversary. :P

    Man, the animation and music in this movie are just gorgeous. This is easily my favorite Digi-film after the two Adventure movies.

  2. TsUNaMy WaVe says:

    Thanks a lot, Positron!!

  3. celestial_sacred says:

    THANK YOU POSITRON!!! <3<3<3

  4. DaveTheAnalyzer says:

    Thank you very much for subbing Frontier. This will help clear some matters while I’m writing fanfic.

    Looking forward to the Tamers release.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot! :)

  6. meee says:

    You guys are legends! Nice work!

  7. Thank you! Looking forward for your next projects.

  8. Smoko says:

    Thanks Positronsubs for providing HQ Digimon movies.
    Anyway, does anyone know where can I find the other Digimon movies with decent quality? I’m looking for the one with the Golden Digimentals and also Savers’ movie

  9. Elga N says:

    Thank you, Positron!

  10. Kabuto says:

    Thanks again! I looked back at my old WPP file and wow… testing less than a second of video, and it was just horrible! Now I have a worthy and permanent replacement.

  11. SailorVeki says:

    Dang, haven’t been here for a while and didn’t download the movie and now both download links are dead. T_____T Could you reupload? Pretty please!
    (Thank you for subbing the movie.)

  12. jvmunhoz says:

    Hey. I promised some time ago that I would bring you Digimon Frontier eps 17(this one contains the OP/ED credits, yours doens’t) 23 and 25 DVD Raw, right? Well, here they are. I’ll link directly on densetsu fansub (Brazilian Digimon fansub) site, the credit is their after all…

    Hope it helped!

    • >crappy DDL site that forces me to install some dubious downloader software
      >says it’s 640×320

      Yeah… thanks, but I’ll pass on this right now.

      And our 17 doesn’t have OP/ED credits because we use creditless OP/ED for everything, lol.

      Edit: actually I’ll just grab it through a virtual machine and see how it is. Maybe the res info is just wrong.

      • jvmunhoz says:

        Well, Densetsu fansub episodes are DVD-Rip(17, 23 and 25 included), I confirmed that, but they are hardsubbed… These Raws were uploaded yesterday…

        I haven’t downloaded them yet, but I trust the fansub… I’ll download them later and confirm the resolution, and if needed i’ll upload them somewhere else (uppit probably)

        Won’t download now cause my internet, right now, is crappy (5 minutes to charge this page, with a 50MB internet -_- ) Probably tomorrow I’ll post here again.

  13. jvmunhoz says:

    Hmmm, man, I’m downloading ep 17 Raw right now, no .exe file, direct download… You have to uncheck the “Download file easily With Billion Uploads download manager.” option… :)

    Can’t send a print to prove cause, for the moment, not even this my internet is able to do…

  14. jvmunhoz says:

    Well, just remeber to mention my name and Densetsus’s in the post you release the episodes in DVD-Rip, ok?

  15. Milanor says:

    Any news on when the full batch for Tamers will be out?

  16. Shaw Tucker says:

    From one translator to another – thank you! I’ve been looking to upgrade to a higher quality version of this movie.

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