Release: Digimon Tamers 33

MKV (H264): MegaUpload / MediaFire
AVI (Xvid):
MegaUpload / MediaFire

Next up: massive mood whiplash!















Yeah, I think something doesn’t quite fit here.
(referring to how the line mixes old English with what is a slang-ish expression in comparison)

10 Responses to Release: Digimon Tamers 33

  1. hal says:

    first release on new website wohoooo

    thanks for the release positron

  2. Stelman says:

    Thy words are quite fine.

  3. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Thanks for the release.

  4. Dharma says:

    Thank you! Love and huggles.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will you be subbing the second Tamers movie when you’re done with the series? Likewise, will you sub the Frontier movie?

    Just curious.

  6. Thanks for the release, :)

  7. AndyAlex says:

    hope ull do the rest of the movies

  8. Firechick says:

    Yay! My favorite episode! Lopmon is my all time favorite Digimon! Thanks for subbing the episode, along with Tamers in general! Your efforts are always appreciated!

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