Release: Digimon Tamers 45

MKV (H264): BayFiles / MediaFire (1) (2)
AVI (Xvid)


Added a split file to MediaFire for those who can’t download from BayFiles. Just download both parts to the same directory and extract the first one with 7-zip or WinRAR.

Tamers v2’s up

All the new encodes are up at the Tamers page, as well as all the scripts so far. Of course, whether the MultiUpload links will work or not is another matter.

Edit: every DDL site I try seems to fail the day after. Gimme some time to do something about that. =V

Release: Digimon Tamers 43

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)

Just after I said I’d use MultiUpload for everything, it becomes barely functional (in during massive influx of former MegaUpload users). For the time being, have a RapidShare link for the MKV instead. RS used to be one of the worst filesharing services but I’d say it’s definitely improved. Only thing is, it messes up the filename a bit.

Hulufails time:

And my personal favorite, due to the combination of the line and Takato’s face:

Release: Digimon Tamers 42

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)

Yeah, don’t get too used to this. We just had a build-up of scripts with no encodes to apply them to until yesterday. =P

Today’s Huluderps:

On a completely unrelated note: please help this has been stuck in my head all day


The day Falcom Sound Team stops making awesome final battle themes is the day the world ends.

Release: Digimon Tamers 39, 40 & 41


MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)


MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)


MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)

Since all of the DVD ISOs we need are up (thanks, yukimayari) we can continue with this. 40 and 41 should be up soon as well, and the v2’s of episodes 23-38 will probably be uploaded over the next 3 weeks or so.

Edit: (almost) triple release! It would have been one but Starfish and I have bad synchronization. =P

Edit 2: Oops, forgot the Hulufails:

Release: Digimon Frontier 33

MKV (H264): MegaUpload / MediaFire
AVI (Xvid):
MegaUpload / MediaFire


Okay, nevermind that thing I mentioned about filler episodes and bigger scripts. This is far from filler and it’s beaten the record, of course, those 90 lines of insert song lyrics helped quite a bit, so maybe it doesn’t really count. And speaking of inserts, Duskmon’s theme “Blader” is pretty cool and stuff.

Oh yeah, Tamers v2’s are up to episode 19. Which doesn’t mean much since it’s actually just 1, 16, 17, 18 and 19, but well. There would be more up but lolexams.

New Tamers encodes

I’ve started putting up the new encodes at the Tamers page, they’re the ones marked “v2” (except for episode 26, that one will be v3). For now only 1 and 16 are up, the rest will be as soon as the encodes are done. And likewise, 39 will be released when we get the DVD that contains it, since the script is already complete. This should be the very final version (lol how many times have I said that now) of the files unless something went very wrong and it slipped past my barely existent QC, since you can’t improve much past encoding straight from DVD.

Besides the obviously higher quality encodes (MKV, AVI – note that the new AVI-Xvid encode looks better than the old MKV-H264 one at the same size, which is kind of amazing), we also made some minor changes to the scripts, mainly styling, some minor timing tweaks, and edited insert song translations to make them consistent with later episodes. Also, I’m not uploading the scripts anymore, since the new versions aren’t compatible with the old Xvid raws unless the timing is shifted, and I’m not going to bother. Though if someone still wants them for whatever reason, I have no problem providing them.

Finally, for a funfact: a while ago (back when I used LJ) someone complained about our use of the creditless OP, mentioning that the original OP in the first 3 episodes starts slightly different (black background instead of blue, and series logo is  in the foreground instead of background) and that we weren’t keeping that by using the textless OP. Well, Puto went out of his way to perfectly recreate the original sequence for the first 3 episodes, through some insane editing that I wouldn’t even think of doing. So, yeah.

And now for something completely off-topic: inb4 my waifu loses the International Saimoe League finals
Edit: As usual, expect defeat, obtain victory. And so Mikoto joins the hall of moe fame. <3