DA02: Diablomon Strikes Back v2


And that’s the last of the movie v2’s. As for Tamers and Frontier, they’ll come when I’m done with exams, stop being beyond lazy and actually feel like subbing.

Release: Digimon Frontier 38 / Adventure 02 Redux

MKV (H264): MediaFire / BayFiles
AVI (Xvid): MediaFire / BayFiles


Steamrolled-by-Royal-Knights count: 1

So, since we also got our hands on the 02 DVDs (thanks to yukimayari again), Puto and I are redoing the whole thing. Besides the improved video quality (sadly not as good as with the Tamers DVDs, since that was all digital while they used film for Adventure and 02, but still a big improvement), there’s also a lot more typesetting work (all by Puto, if it was up to me I’d have been as lazy as the first time), we’re also revising the scripts and adding subs for the insert songs (with an extra track on the MKV to disable them if you so wish). Also MKV chapters, cause I was dumb back then and didn’t make them.

As with Tamers, I’ll just replace the links on the 02 page as we get these done. Well, unless there’s interest in episode-by-episode updates, I guess. For now, you can get the first episode there.