Release: Digimon Frontier 48

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


One does not simply walk into the Real World.

And I will take this opportunity to advertise a 27-second sample of my first AMV ever, after having toyed with the idea for years. A few years ago, it would surely have been Digimon, but… yeah, Raildex is my current addiction.

Here’s hoping I don’t just give up halfway through.

Tamers 16-51 torrent

Thank Starfish for that, since I couldn’t be bothered to make one. And help with seeding would be appreciated as usual, at least until we release the full batch in a few months from now. Format is MKV, if you absolutely need AVI you’ll have to wait until then (seriously, it’s 2012, I wonder why I even “have to” encode AVI-Xvid anymore).

Release: Digimon Frontier 47

MKV (H264): Filecloud / Zippyshare
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / Zippyshare


At this rate, half my bookmarks are gonna be filesharing sites, for when one or the other just stops working. Anyway, just 3 more!

Release: Digimon Frontier 46

MKV (H264): Filecloud / JumboFiles
AVI (Xvid): Filecloud / JumboFiles


Yeah, this took way longer than it should have. As usual.

Okay, that was unexpected

>my face when this

Read the latest comment by chortos here for a comparison if you care. I’d make a joke about dropping Frontier but that got kinda old.

Release: Digimon Frontier 45

MKV (H264)  Mirror
AVI (Xvid)


Almost done with this arc. Finally. At least this episode was mostly fight scenes so it was fast to translate (once I actually got to it, that is).

Digimon Tamers Movie 2 by DmonHiro

Script seems solid, at least far more than the old WPP version. Styling is kinda ugly and scene-timing is non-existent, but that’s not really enough to make me consider re-subbing it now. So, yeah, there you have it. We’ll still sub movie 3 and the Frontier movie after finishing the current stuff if there’s no decent version by then.

Release: Digimon Frontier 44

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)


Let’s see how long the links last~

In completely unrelated news, I randomly stumbled upon an AMV using this song and now I’m addicted to it.

I guess it was about time. I probably got over 50 notification emails about deleted files over the last couple of days.

So yeah, everything other than torrents is now gone for good. Sorry, but I won’t reupload anything, the current plan is to try and finish Frontier and Tamers quickly and release batch torrents for those. I’ll make DDLs for the next Frontier episodes as we release them, but probably not for Tamers, since I don’t think I’ll be posting individual episode releases. Sucks that it’s come to this, but yeah.

Now I’ll stop being a lazy ass and start translating Frontier 44.