Okay, that was unexpected

>my face when this

Read the latest comment by chortos here for a comparison if you care. I’d make a joke about dropping Frontier but that got kinda old.

29 Responses to Okay, that was unexpected

  1. Dharma says:

    Meh. You’re almost done, and I trust your translations more.

    • Link2Hyrule says:

      Same here. They really should just drop Digimon altogether, and focus on their Rockman projects, since there are other groups doing Digimon(you included) but nobody else is working on Rockman.

  2. When I saw this –

    “For a start, as expected of WPP, the file is a hardsubbed MKV.”


    Don’t worry I’ll will always download yours. ;-)

  3. PapXS says:

    Mkv! Oh noes! (geez even if it was avi I still wouldn’t download it from there, Positron’s subs are better)

    Besides the only people that have mkvs I like are Ryuu-Rogue and TWB.

    Don’t let this deter you even one bit Positron, finish dis series so I can download the full batch torrent…

    (Damn I would do a promo of your site but I do not know anybody else (personally) that likes Digimon)

    PS: These subs (well the ones of Adv 02 anyway) taught me my first Japanese words…

  4. DaveTheAnalyzer says:

    My reaction was…

    “Hey, they are still around?!”

    • phaz0n says:

      lol, I agree I used to watch them for the Rockman.exe series, but they are slow at releasing episodes.

      Anyway, keep it up Positron, I love your fansubs :D

  5. inimeg says:

    Hi guys quick question for you. Can someone upload or tell me where to get digimon tamers from episode 47 to 51 . I want to finish the series but all links are down and i need last 5 eps :)

  6. John246l says:

    My opinion: WPP: I love the animated karaoke, but I hate the fact that it is mkv hardsub! The translation of the opening and the ending is better than Positron’s aat some lines. However the quality is a bit worse and their translation sometimes seems bad in english. For example : ”Why do you know my name?” instead of ”How do you…” Or: ”This corrupted soul, this digivice will purify!” WTF? And why the hell is it called ”The Warrior Ten” instead of ”The 10 Warriors”? And those guys shouldn’t really sub a series that someone else has almost entirely subbed in better quality. They should stick to other animes. For digimon I only trust you and ryuu-rogue!

    • Anonymous says:

      Technically, “Warrior Ten” is entirely valid; this structure for group names in a similar vein has seen some historical use, and can be interpreted as more poetic. It’s really a simple matter of personal preference on the parts of the translators.

      • john246l says:

        I did not say it was invalid… I just said I don’t like it… But it’s probably because I am used to positron’s translation…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Personally I prefere yours to theirs. =/

  8. Anonymous says:

    I find it amusing to see some guy saying theirs is better then yours; like they’re measuring their dic…tionaries… ;)

    • Chortos‑2 says:

      Oh, screw you, WordPress.

      @Anonymous: You must be reading some other site, because I see nothing like that here or on either page linked from the blog post.

      • Anonymous says:

        Weird, guess the link sent me to the wrong comment by chortos

        • Chortos‑2 says:

          Guess so. The one I get has a valid comparison and doesn’t say that either version is overall better than the other.

          In fact, the worst mistranslations in WPP’s v2 are clearly errors while the worst things-that-look-like-mistranslations in Positron–LS’ release may be—or pass for—edited/liberal correct translations. The quality of WPP’s editing is quite spotty as well, so if I had to choose which script is overall better, I’d go with Positron–LS.

          If you’re wondering why I suggested WPP’s v2 to be added to the torrent on BakaBT, it’s because the torrent is a batch torrent of WPP’s Frontier releases. There’s no doubt that a Positron–LS batch torrent will replace it as soon as they complete Frontier.

  9. SailorVeki says:

    Argh, no thanks, I don’t wanna see anything by WPP ever again, I have a trauma. -___- Positron & co., please finish your version. :3

  10. Vero says:

    I will always stick with your subs, I really love them. I didn’t have a look at WP’s new version, but I can’t imagine I would like theirs better because of the reasons others already mentioned above. My impression of WPP is not good in gerenal, either. Please keep up your good work :)

  11. lov says:

    positronsubs the best
    i will waiting

  12. Bio24 says:

    please, keep update digimon frontier until finish, i always waiting from your fansub, positron is the best fansub… i’m fron indonesia, n i always download from your site. Please keep your good job… thanks for your creation guys… ^^

  13. Alucard says:

    Until now you have finished 3 of the “classic” digimon series. Do you intend to do Adventure 1? Thanks for the great job!

  14. John246l says:

    Have you worked on frontier episode 46? Sorry but I can’t wait!

  15. CatDragon says:

    Please finish your translation of Frontier… I only download yours or Ryuu-Rogue

  16. John246l says:

    So?? When will you upload the episode? It has been almost a month since the last release. Sorry, but I can’t wait!!

    • Yeah, I ended up lazying out as usual. I finished translating it the other day, so LS should be done with it anytime now.

      • PapXS says:

        Damn and I was hoping for a super quintuple release as an End-of-Summer surprise but I was proven wrong. Well thanks for the translation anyway :D

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for translating Digimon Frontier.Do you know Japanese?

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