Digimon Tamers Movie 2 by DmonHiro


Script seems solid, at least far more than the old WPP version. Styling is kinda ugly and scene-timing is non-existent, but that’s not really enough to make me consider re-subbing it now. So, yeah, there you have it. We’ll still sub movie 3 and the Frontier movie after finishing the current stuff if there’s no decent version by then.

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  1. Well, looking at that guy’s site he said he’s also working on movie 3… So perhaps we’ll only have to do the Frontier one? (Which he apparently won’t do because he refuses to acknowledge Frontier’s existence.)

    • Well, that’s a relief. I’ve never watched the Frontier movie but it just has to be better than movie 3.

      • IJffdrie says:

        Eh, I kinda like the frontier movie to be honest. It’s completely cliché’d drivel, but its competently made, with a few pretty epic fights. It’s also nice to see the conflict between man and beast digimon that we heard so much about finally take centre stage. Also, digimon suicide terrorists. It’s definitely not the best of the digimon movies (That’s Our War Game), but it isn’t the worst either

        Honestly, I didn’t dislike the third movie that badly until they got to the major battle. The first half has genuine character interaction, which puts it above most of 02 in my opinion. However that battle was just… what the hell. Bad music, confusing editing and a deus ex machina ending.

        • Anonymous says:

          I consider the Frontier movie to be one of the best Digi-films, actually. On top of what IJffdrie said, they got the series’ best animation director for this movie, so the whole thing is just pure eye candy. And it has some of the late Takanori Arisawa’s greatest music ever, period.

          Regardless of what other groups were doing, I was kind of hoping you guys would still translate Tamers Movie 02 and “Hurricane Touchdown” (since I like shows to consistently have the same translator), but the script from this other group seems decent enough. Perhaps when everything else is completely done?

          The Frontier movie is the one I care about most, though, so I’m very pleased to see that you guys will still be re-translating that one yourselves. :)

        • dmonhiro says:

          I have the exact same problem, but I’ll raise you another: what the hell actually happened? And more importantly, why did it happen? At least the English dub made up a bullshit reason for what happened. The original doesn’t even have that.

          • Andrew Mayes says:

            I think the problem was that the writers were trying to make the movie deeper than they were really capable of. All we can really gather from what the movie shows us is that Chocomon went insane after being infected with a virus, and his delusions were somehow able to affect the real world by the time the climax rolled around.

            …Which, actually, suddenly makes sense to me as I’m typing it here. The Digital World is shown to have the ability to make thoughts into reality, so maybe that flower field was some sort of weak spot between the real and digital worlds; it was where Chocomon was first infected, and where he lures Wallace back to before all the crazy shit happens. Huh. I think I’m on to something.

            • Puto says:

              Except the virus is dub-only. There is no virus in the Japanese version. Stuff happens ‘just because.’

              • dmonhiro says:

                True, but I’m guessing it was a virus in the original as well. What else could it be?

                • Puto says:

                  Plot convenience.

                  • Andrew Mayes says:

                    Some say it was a virus, others say he slipped through a hole into another dimension, where he was driven insane. Both make about the same amount of sense, but I’d be more inclined to believe the latter. If, as I’ve said, the dimensional barriers in that particular flower field are weak, this would be the dimension he takes the older Chosen to, and the place he is eventually defeated in the climax (y’know, when things start going all wonky for no reason).

  2. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Thanks for a blog link. I’ll check it out if it is good or not.

    • doctoreviloverlord says:

      It is actually decent video, definitely better than WPP. Subs are fixable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, there are a few typos in the dialogue, and the translation’s not all it could be, but it’s decent enough, I suppose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Styling is kinda ugly and scene-timing is non-existent
    Styling is an easy fix, but how would one fix the lack of scene timing? Pardon me and my poor knowledge of Aegisub.

    • Make an Xvid encode of the movie (or generate a keyframes file, but I have no idea how to do that), load that on Aegisub, and use the Timing Post-Processor with only the keyframe snapping function enabled. Values depend on how the thing’s actually timed to begin with and personal preference, so that just comes with experience. Just make sure the Xvid encode is completely frame-accurate compared to the original; sometimes you end up with encodes that have 1 or 2 frames more or less and that screws the whole thing up.

      And if you’re wondering, the reason for using an Xvid encode as a timing raw is that virtually every scene change is guaranteed to be a keyframe with Xvid, while it can be quite random with H264. Of course, the flipside is that Xvid also inserts keyframes for a lot of stuff that isn’t a scene change, so you have to check those parts manually afterwards. One should always do a checking pass after rough-timing and applying TPP anyway.

      Yeah I bet you’re not interested anymore after reading all that. :V There’s a reason why I don’t time for other groups anymore, lol.

      • dmonhiro says:

        Isn’t that way more trouble then it’s worth?

        • Probably. But I personally can’t stand watching subs that haven’t been finetimed. While I’m aware that most people don’t even care about that, I never release something I’m not satisfied with, so yeah. :V

          I’m so used to it it doesn’t really take me much effort anyway. I’ll take that over translating, in any case.

  4. meee says:

    Damn, it’s only a .mkv file :( Too bad, you’re giving up on it. This is a decent sub, but still… Your subs are better.

    • fireguardiancoty says:

      I agree. I mean, yeah, it’s better than WPP, but I would’ve loved it if Positron subbed this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And it would appear that they’ve just uploaded “Hurricane Touchdown” as well. “The Golden Digimentals” is likely coming soon.

  6. meee says:

    I really want the.avi… Is there any way to convert this file into .avi? How do you do it?

  7. dmonhiro says:

    I’ve never done scene timing because I’ve never seen the problem everyone claims it fixes.
    Yes, there are two typos in Runaway. Subs aren’t poorly styled, they’re not styled at all, it’s Arial. Done with the second part of Golden. Don’t worry about it not making sense, because it doesn’t. And I mean it. I translated everything to the best of my powers, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any blatant TL mistake. The movie just doesn’t make sense.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I’d rather wait for your version of these movies (including Golden Digimentals/Hurricane Touchdown *crosses fingers*).

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