Release: Digimon Frontier 44

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)


Let’s see how long the links last~

In completely unrelated news, I randomly stumbled upon an AMV using this song and now I’m addicted to it.

12 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier 44

  1. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. BrandMyCow says:

    Darn it. Can’t seem to download it, continuously says the download is unsuccessful and cannot be resumed. Hmm… Hopefully its not because of copyright infringement or some sort of thing like that.

  3. overload says:

    Good news positron. DmonHiro did the 2nd Tamers movie, so you won’t need to do it.

  4. Smo says:

    Can anyone provide other link? I can’t even start download this thing.
    Appreciate the help :)

  5. sailorveki says:

    Thanks for the new episode. ^^ Wow, fast download site, cool.

  6. celestial_sacred says:

    Thanks positron!!!! The download speed’s reasonable for me! :D

  7. ZombieZoom says:

    Hey, what about the other episodes with dead links?
    Are you gonna upload them again or do you plan to make a one link for all Digimon Frontier after you finish?
    Anyway, thank you so much for your hard work :)

    • I’ll make a batch torrent, but I don’t think I’ll be making new DDLs. I can’t be sure if they’re gonna survive more than a couple months before being removed, and I just don’t have the upload speed to afford that kinda thing.

      • ZombieZoom says:

        Okay then :)
        Thank you for fast respond and by the way I’ve found a way to make links survive :D
        You’ve to compress the episode via WinRar for example and delete the extension!
        As in : Episode.rar > Episode.ra_
        Also renaming the uploaded file to something irrelevant like backup.ra_ would help also.
        This episode for example should be backup44.ra_
        I knew someone who has uploaded links that way years ago (since 2007) and they’re still active xD

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