Release: Digimon Tamers 50 & 51

MKV (H264): Part 1 / Part 2
AVI (Xvid): Download

MKV (H264): Part 1 / Part 2
AVI (Xvid): Download


And that’s it. Only took over 10 years to get a complete set of properly-subbed Tamers episodes (spread across two groups now, but yeah). Episodes 2-15 will follow after this, and most likely the 2nd movie as well. I have serious doubts about following through with my “finishing everything in summer” idea now, but well, maybe we can hope for “before 2013” instead. :V

By the way, we added a little extra at the end of 51. Now, Hulufails time:

I do not process such fail. Mind you, these are only like half the screencaps Puto sent me, and only from 50 since 51 had been checked months ago.

46 Responses to Release: Digimon Tamers 50 & 51

  1. THANK YOU! About time I can finally throw away your old ones from my Digimon Tamers folder. Keep up good work.

  2. meee says:

    hahah Jenrya looks like he’s high when you read that Hulufail xD
    Anyway, good work guys! I don’t think anyone would mind if you take a little vacation from subbing. Just finish Frontier, 02 movie, 2nd Tamers movie and you could do Frontier movie before you take that vacation. It’s not that much ;)

  3. Retto says:

    Thank you I’ve been waiting for this! <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    The last two episodes at once, AND the preview for episode one of Frontier?!

    Thank you so much for your hard work! You really went above and beyond, and I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful we are for the new translation. So I guess that Frontier preview is on the Tamers DVDs as well? I never knew that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck do you mean “through summer”



  6. Retto says:

    Please leave episodes 2-15 aside for now :) and finish Digimon Frontier :p
    I didnt even start watching the first season cuz I’m waiting for D.Frontier’s last episodes to be released. Thanks! <3

  7. Thank you so much for the hard work :)

  8. Blast OFF says:

    You’re the man. Bringing the whole TAMERS serie to us. Mind if I ask what changed in the most recent V2?

  9. Anononono says:

    Thanks for sticking with Tamers for so long and continuing to do so. It’s always a good characteristic to finish what you started (“cough” WB).

  10. Elga Nelly says:

    Thank you for this but, please, continue with the V2 for Digimon Adventure 02!

  11. Matt says:

    Will there be a batch torrent?

  12. Saurion says:

    Thank you very much for all of your fine work! I’ve wanted to watch Tamers for a long time and have patiently awaited each of your releases. I’m quite delighted, just like yourselves I figure, to see this project has at last been successfully concluded. Cheers to you all, and a big thank you! :D

  13. yukimayari says:

    Thank you so much for finishing this! ^_^

  14. Hello says:

    Thank you!!

  15. Firechick says:

    Hooray! Digimon Tamers is complete! Thanks so much for subbing the entire show (not 2-15, but still)!

    But is Hurricane Touchdown still going to be done? Just curious. That’s my all time favorite Digimon movie, and for one of the reasons why I love Tamers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much! It’s the first time ever that I’ve been able to fully watch (and finally understand) Tamers.

    Thank you!

  17. SailorVeki says:

    Thank you very much for finishing Tamers. <3

    Both avi links don't work, can you please reupload them? ^^; Maybe rename them so MF won't block them?

  18. sailorveki says:

    The BayFiles links worked, yay. Did need 4-5 tries, but they worked. Thank you very much. <3

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