Release: Digimon Tamers 47

MKV (H264): Part 1 / Part 2
AVI (Xvid): Download


Hulusubs outdid themselves this time around:

Did Not Do The Research: it’s either Sigurd or Sigfried, not… that.

i broke

11 Responses to Release: Digimon Tamers 47

  1. meee says:

    Nice, thanks! As always, Hulusubs left me both confused and speechless. Especially the last one. Substantiated? What does that mean?

  2. kingdarc says:

    Hulusubs look like they have enough trouble with english, yet alone japanese.

  3. cloud270790 says:

    On the diagram explaining quantum teleportation – the word “destroyed” should actually be “metaphorized” which is polar opposite of “realized”. I checked the kana for the word.

    • pu7o says:

      We know. What we don’t know is what the hell “metaphorise” means, so we went with something a bit saner.

  4. tsunamywave says:

    Thanks <3

  5. renakunisaki says:

    So, I’ve found episodes 1 to 30, but the links to later ones are all dead. Is there a batch torrent or collection of the others around somewhere?

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