They don’t pay me enough for this


Spent 3 hours last night on this (that’s up to 7:30 AM). Which is funny considering that it doesn’t really say much more than what Shibumi says through dialogue. But yeah, non-linear movement with text size change is fun.

6 Responses to They don’t pay me enough for this

  1. Anonymous says:

    You did a damn good job, though. If you hadn’t posted this I wouldn’t have realized those were subtitles.

  2. larz9220 says:

    so the way this is done is that you have to punch in new coordinates for every frame where the text has moved to a new place?
    man that must be hard to sit through, you’re the hero the digital world deserves positron

    • Oh, hell no. It CAN be done that way, but in this case it would be beyond insane (6 signs moving for 10 seconds at 24 fps, that’s 1440 frames). I used the \move function, where you specify a start and end point, but since the movement isn’t linear (plus the function behaves strangely, seems to start slow and end fast even though it’s supposed to be constant movement) I had to split each sign into several parts; like one for the first 5 seconds, then the next 3, etc. And then pretty much trial and error for small adjustments so it looks a bit less weird.

  3. celestial_sacred says:

    Hahaha I’m with larz9220. You’re the hero!

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