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  1. AndyAlex says:

    tamers is the 2nd worst digimon season
    the 1st is savers

  2. Rize says:

    02 is awful. Adventure is classic. Tamers is innovative and very good when not looked at through retarded fanboy eyes. Frontier is easily one of the best seasons that peopple give crap for no reason. Savers is the same way. Just because it’s different, people hate it. It is my personal favorite. Xros Wars is pretty decent. Hunters is trash. But seriously, anyone who seriously likes 02 as a Digimon season is either an ignorant fanboy/girl who mistakes nostalgia for quality, or just plain stupid.

  3. anzuyugi says:

    frankly speak i love all digimons seasons cuz iam fan of digimon no matter what i will always say i enjoyed loved grew up with all digimons the end ilove all digimons till new one thanks

  4. Oh boy, personally I liked 02 best when it was aired in America. Now in 2012, things are different now. I like all seasons equally expect for Savers.

    I still like 02. I know story itself is stupid but still enjoyable to some degree. I will always like Hikari and Takeru and Ichijouji as Digimon Kaiser. I often told my little niece that I raised watching Digimon more than Pokemon garbage.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eh, 02 had a million plot holes and continuity errors right from the beginning and a terribad ending but it was compelling. I never felt like dropping it because almost every episode left me hanging for the next one like oh boy oh boy. It also had good music and nice Digimon designs. Tamers on the other hand started really slow but fortunately kicked up soon, but I might have had stalled it for long if I hadn’t been hearing about it being the best season in the franchise.

    • andy says:

      what plot holes?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, granted, less plot holes and more continuity errors and general unexplained shit, but why was Taichi in the Digital World in the first episode? If the Holy Points were the crests why were there only six of them?

        • CloneWarrior says:

          1. Because the Kaiser was terrorizing the Digital World and Agumon contacted him.

          2. The Holy Stones are not the Crests.

          • Link2Hyrule says:

            I think what Anon means is, how did Taichi enter the digital world if the only way to pass through the gate this time around is to open it with the D3s, which didn’t even exist until after Taichi entered and touched V-mons egg. And yes, the Holy Stones and the Crests are not related. It’s been a while since I last watched 02, but if I remember correctly the Holy Stones were focal points for the energy of the Digital World, or something like that. Destroy them all, and the Digital World comes apart at the seams. The Crests are focal points for the energy of the Chosen Children’s individual traits, which is not related to the energy of the Digital World.

            • CloneWarrior says:

              Anyone with a Digivice can enter the Digital World if they have an open gate,

              The D3s just have the special ability to open a gate that’s currently closed.

              The fact that Mimi entered the Digital World twice during the series without a D3 should make that obvious.

              • Anonymous says:

                There’s also the biggest plot hole: the fact that, in the beginning of the series, the world just forgot about digimon, when remembered them again when the plot called for it.

                • Andrew Mayes says:

                  Yeah, there’s mainly that. There’s no explaining that one away. Since when was the Digital World such a big secret? At the beginning of 02, the new Chosen Children – and the general population for most of the season – are completely unaware that Digimon and the Digital World even exist. But in Adventure, the battles with Vamdemon were clearly public knowledge, and the Digital World even appeared in the sky all over the real world! Gennai even brings this up as a plot point in 02, explaining that the real world’s scientists and governments have been studying the Digital World non-stop since then. So, I am forced to ask… Since when was the Digital World such a big secret? It doesn’t make any sense at all – it’s not even consistent in the show itself. Do humans know about the Digital World or not? If Gennai somehow gave the entire world amnesia after the events of Adventure, it should have been a major plot point.

                  Now, I know what the writers WANTED to do; they wanted to hold onto that tone of the kids feeling clueless and in wonderment of this new Digital World, and that’s also why they had proxies to cut them off from the older Chosen most of the time. And I know the writers don’t want adults to know about the Digital World either, because then they would DO STUFF and get the government involved, and that would get hairy. They needed a reason to hit the reset button, but they just did not have one. It really is like the above anon said: the world conveniently remembers that Digimon exist for no reason other “the plot needs them to.” 02 was just fraught with holes like this.

  6. Sabrblade says:

    Hey, since you’ll be redoing Zero Two, can you make the following corrections to subs:

    “Wings of Love, Holsmon” to “Flapping Love, Holsmon”

    “Light of Smiles, Nefertimon” to “Smiling Light, Nefertimon” (this one to keep the titles consistent)

    “Storm of Friendship, Lighdramon” to “Roaring Friendship, Lighdramon”

    “Autumn Wind” to “Momiji Oroshi” (since “Kusanagi” was subbed as such)

    “Leaf Hiding” to “Konoha Kakure” (for the same reason), or if not, then “Leaf Hiding” to “Leaf Concealment” (better translation)

    All instances of “Faithfulness” regarding the Digimental and Crest (i.e. – “Whirling Faithfulness”) to “Sincerity” (as it’s the official Bandai of Japan English term for it)

    There may be others, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

    • pu7o says:

      > All instances of “Faithfulness” regarding the Digimental and Crest (i.e. – “Whirling Faithfulness”) to “Sincerity” (as it’s the official Bandai of Japan English term for it)

      I personally don’t really like using ‘Sincerity’ because that’s Mimi’s crest in the English dub which can lead to confusion.

      • Sabrblade says:

        No more confusing than Perfect/Ultimate and Ultimate/Mega.

        • pu7o says:

          Only reason we’re even using that is because Ultimate is so heavily spread through everything already, otherwise we’d alternate-translate kyûkyokutai as Extreme.

          • Sabrblade says:

            “Sincerity” is still the official English term by Bandai of Japan, regardless of personal preference. – http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/tsuuhanyarou/img10551949002.jpeg

            Plus, those who would be watching Adventure and Zero Two back-to-back would most likely be using the subs of Ryuu-Rogue and these subs, and since that group went with “Sincerity”, there’d be a greater sense of continuity between both groups’ subs for viewers watching both if “Sincerity” were to be used in your subs as well.

            Besides, there’s bound to be some confusion anyway, since this is the Japanese version here. There’s no avoiding that. “Sincerity” wouldn’t be that great of a confusion compared to the simple fact that watching something in another language with different voices, names, terms, music, etc. in and of itself can be confusing.

            • Anonymous says:

              Watching something in japanese is by default confusing? Not all of us grew up watching the dub, not to mention the english dub, in fact the dub I briefly saw as a kid left the music, names and dialogue pretty much intact.

              • Sabrblade says:

                Which is why I said “watching something in another language” (including, but not specifically referring to, Japanese) “CAN be” (rather than “IS”) confusing, since it may not be to some people. But there are still those who find watching something in a language that isn’t there own to be strange.

                Though, one more thing I forgot to mention about the whole “Perfect/Ultimate” and “Ultimate/Mega” thing is that “Perfect” and “Ultimate” are also the official English translations of those levels in the Japanese version, as you see them on screen in certain places of the various Digimon anime even in the Japanese version (i.e. – the Savers Evolution sequences). And, as I said before, they’re no more cofusing than “Purity/Sincerity” and “Sincerity/Reliability”. There’s simply no avoiding confusion when it comes to working with this.

                • KKoro says:

                  The Japanese Savers anime also has DigiCode for “Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega” in every OP, so it’s hardly absolute. Positron can do what he wants.

            • Sunshine says:

              Does that toy packaging say “DigiRental of Sincerity”? :D

              • Sabrblade says:

                Here’s another shot of it. The M in “Digimental” differs from the R in “Sincerity”.

                As such, I don’t see why one would go against the official terms when doing professional-level fansubs like these. Like, one wouldn’t change “Courage” to “Bravery”, or whatnot. Unless there was something inherently wrong with the official term (in this case, there is none), one would stick to the official terms, regardless of personal preference.

                • KKoro says:

                  The episode with Iori focuses pretty strongly on honesty, so they could go with that as well. Bandai of Japan has hardly been consistent.

    • Melissa says:

      Ugh ‘Flapping love’ just sounds moronic. o_o; I totally don’t mind creative license if it means getting rid of a stupid line. No offense to the show, as I love it, but ugh.

      • Sabrblade says:

        Personal bias should never override official canon when it comes to subtitle translations. What Holsmon says in his title translates to “Flapping” not “Wings of”. Stupid or not, it’s what he says, and what the subs should also say. It’s not our series, so who are we to change the meaning of what the subs say?

        • Andrew Mayes says:

          I’m guessing you’re one of those people who would prefer for “nakama” to be left untranslated, huh?

          • Sabrblade says:

            No, that term deserves an English equivalent. “Friend” or “comrade” (depending on the context of its use) suffice enough.

            “Wings of” is not what he says, but “flapping” is, and should there fore be used.

            • Andrew Mayes says:

              A good translation is not just about bringing words from one language to another. It’s also about making sure it sounds natural, like something someone would ACTUALLY SAY. “Flapping Love,” as someone said above, just sounds moronic, and it barely even sounds like proper English. “Wings of Love” just flows better.

              • ^ This guy knows what he’s talking about.

              • Sabrblade says:

                Whether or not it flows better, it’s still not what Holsmon is saying. Yes, “Flapping Love” sounds dumb, but that is what he’s saying. We’re not the ones who made this series, nor do we have any control over the dialogue. His is the Love that is “flapping”, just as Fladramon’s Courage is “burning”, Lighdramon’s Friendship is “roaring”, Shurimon’s Purity is “bursting”, Submarimon’s sincerity is “whirling”, Pegasmon’s Hope is “soaring”, and Nefertimon’s Light is “smiling”. All of these crests are described with active verbs ending in “-ing” when translated into English. “Wing” is a noun, not a verb. The only ones who are exempt from this formula are Digmon (“Steel Knowledge”) and Magnamon (“Radiance of Miracles”). Holsmon is a bird. Birds fly by flapping their wings. If you all loathe this term so very much, why not just use a synonymous word with the same meaning as it rather than wanting to change the meaning entirely? Subtitles by principle are meant to convey a spoken language in text form while maintaining its original meaning. Changing the meaning because one thinks it sounds dumb is basically a form of censorship. If it sounds dumb, then let it be judged accordingly, rather than trying to hide it. Or, again, use a better-sounding synonym with the same meaning.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Flapping Love = Love that is flying
                  Wings of Love = Love that can fly or wings representing love

                  Not seeing where a whole lot of meaning or intent is being lost, or at least not enough to make such a fuss over it. Sure, you’re changing a verb to a noun, but it doesn’t change the phrase’s intent.

                  • Sabrblade says:

                    It’s an action of Love, not an object of Love, that the phrase is referring to. Simple as that.

                    • You’re all taking this too seriously.

                    • Andrew Mayes says:

                      If I may quote from an outside source, here’s something localization specialist Brody Phillips said in an interview about his work on Final Fantasy X:

                      “If the name of a monster or item sounds cool in Japanese but horrible in English, we’ll change it. We believe in keeping the intent without translating word-for-word.”

                      Point being, taking some creative liberties does not automatically mean you’re perverting the original work or being unprofessional. Sometimes things just sound better after a bit of tweaking. I honestly don’t see why you’re making such a big deal about petty little semantics.

                    • Andrew Mayes says:

                      And perhaps we are taking this too seriously, Positron. Sorry for cluttering up the page and/or bumping old posts.

            • Andrew Mayes says:

              Besides, if these asinine little nitpicks really bug you that much, then you can just download the sub files and “fix” them yourself instead of bugging Positron to do it for you.

  7. Ananas says:

    02’s crappy, crappy, crappy in your face all the time. Tamers is far from perfect, but the content is pretty good.

  8. CloneWarrior says:

    I have a couple of questions about the subs here.

    1. If anyone here has watched Wild Bunch’s subs of the first fifteen episodes, how is the video quality of the raws used here compared to theirs?

    2. Will there be batch torrent files for all of Tamers & Frontier when they’re finished?

  9. DaveTheAnalyzer says:

    OMG, did you put image here to specifically cause wank? ;)

    • Not really, I was just linked to it by a friend and thought it was a funny depiction of one aspect of the fandom.

      But did I expect this to happen? I guess. =P

      • DaveTheAnalyzer says:

        Oh, okay. I do lol at the 2nd guy who seems to not allow the 1st to express what he likes, whatever the quality (I know 02 is a flawed work, but I like it anyway).

  10. Anonymous says:

    I do enjoy 02, but I have to admit it’s really sloppily done with what appears to be a severe case of ADD, particularly in its tendency to introduce plot threads and barely go anywhere with them; more than anything, it smells of a series where they had a shitload of ideas for it, but had no idea how to actually use them in a vaguely coherent manner. Combined with something of a less interesting cast with less characterization and the infamous BelialVamdemon incident, the result is mediocrity, probably only as popular as it is because it’s Adventure’s direct sequel and thus the least prone to BAWWW WHERES TAICHI. Actually, now I think about it, Xros Wars Young Hunters seems to have a similar problem so far, compounded by how twenty episodes in, we’re STILL on monsters of the week.

    Tamers, on the other hand, is pure sex in a childrens’ anime.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You can switch those two seasons around with each other (or any other for that matter) and it is, sadly, still true…

    Trolls be trolling. Anytime, anywhere.

    I enjoyed the first season a lot, 02 a little less, and i loved tamers… but saying you liked any season better over any other will somehow always end up with at least one reaction like that one in any given forum.

    I get so many “how can you like digimon LAMERZ?!?? 02 is the best!!!1!!!1one”…

    Some people seem to think “liked one better” means “hate everything else in the world”.
    It’s kind of sad really :I

  12. Alexia says:

    Well, I have watched neither 02 nor Tamers when I was a child, so my opinion about both is completely nostalgia free. I must admit, 02 was a complete mess. They introduced many, many plot threads and managed to solve maybe 1/5 of them? I got genuinely lost halfway through the whole thing – as a full grown adult, mind you. Some of the Digivolutions also looked a bit iffy for me, especially the Jogress/DNA ones. Plus, I noticed that this series had stolen some of the ideas from Pokemon anime. Like for example that Digimon duo which chased Daisuke & co., which totally looked like poor man’s Team Rocket. =/

    Tamers is mostly free of those problems, thankfully ^^ I don’t like the blatant product placement of Digimon cards for one (hilariously enough most of them are useless), and neither the odd filler episodes, but the plot and Digimon are more enjoyable overall.

  13. BrightChaos says:

    I think the main problem with 02 was that it seemed incomplete. Right at episode 42 you can tell there was some executive meddling as the story seemed to start falling apart. And even then the writers seemed to thing there would be an Adventures 03 (they sealed Demon instead of killing him off, which would have been an easy way to close the Demon Arc). I also suspect that Oikawa was originally meant to be possessed by Dagomon instead of Vamdemon. Everything in the series was pointing to the Dark Ocean then the story abruptly ends with the epilogue coming out of no where.

  14. cielemiya says:

    *shrug* Savers is my favorite season personally. Second would be Tamers. I don’t consider Frontier and 02 bad, just that I didn’t like them as much… Apart from when Takeru/TK punched Ken’s face in. That was awesome, especially since I was a TK fan back then. :3

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