Release: Digimon Frontier 38 / Adventure 02 Redux

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So, since we also got our hands on the 02 DVDs (thanks to yukimayari again), Puto and I are redoing the whole thing. Besides the improved video quality (sadly not as good as with the Tamers DVDs, since that was all digital while they used film for Adventure and 02, but still a big improvement), there’s also a lot more typesetting work (all by Puto, if it was up to me I’d have been as lazy as the first time), we’re also revising the scripts and adding subs for the insert songs (with an extra track on the MKV to disable them if you so wish). Also MKV chapters, cause I was dumb back then and didn’t make them.

As with Tamers, I’ll just replace the links on the 02 page as we get these done. Well, unless there’s interest in episode-by-episode updates, I guess. For now, you can get the first episode there.

11 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier 38 / Adventure 02 Redux

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, excited for the revised 02 translations! Looking forward to them. Will the “scripts” link be continuously updated on the 02 page as new episodes are posted? Or will that wait until the entire series is revised?

    Thanks for that and for Frontier 38! It’s hard to believe how close you are to the end!

    • I wasn’t planning to upload the scripts for now, but if you want, sure. May I ask why you’re interested in them, though? Just curious. I mean, with the ones based on the old Xvid raws it was different, but these aren’t exactly useful to apply to anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, no no, you don’t have to upload them if you don’t want to. I’m in no hurry whatsoever. By all means, upload them whenever you feel it’s appropriate. I’ll gladly wait until the series is completely revised and re-uploaded. =) You have a TON on your plate already, so I hate to make you re-upload a new batch of scripts every time you finish a new episode. I imagine it gets tedious.

        As for why I was interested in them, I just like being able to read the most recent, accurate translations as possible. I’m probably one of the very, very few who only downloads the scripts, not the episodes/movies themselves. I’m weird like that. I’ve imported a few Digimon DVDs and I plan on importing a lot more once Toei starts releasing the franchise on Blu-ray someday. And your translations have helped a TON; they’re great references to look at when watching my DVDs. =)

        I just got a little excited when I read “revised scripts,” even though I know the revisions won’t be too major.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All that’s left is to get the Frontier and Xros Wars DVDs, right?

  3. BrandMyCow says:

    Does Digimon Frontier have a movie based on it too? Or even on the characters?

    • Link2Hyrule says:

      Yes, there is a Frontier movie. Adventure, 02, and Tamers each have two movies, while Frontier and Savers each have one. Haven’t heard about a movie for Xros Wars or Xros Wars II, though I imagine they will get at least one each at some point. There is also a movie that takes place (or at least was released between) Frontier and Savers. It is completely CG, rather than animated, and is the only Digimon story, to my knowledge, that stars just the Digimon, and takes place entirely in the Digital World. There are no humans, the Digimon have to save themselves in this one. It is called X-evolution. I won’t give to much away, but suffice to say it is the second appearance of the Royal Knights (the first being in Frontier) and introduces the remaining members. This is also the first appearance, and the first mention of such a being, of Yggdrasil. For those who have seen Savers, he is not much different here. Still all powerful. still arrogant and concieted, only here his disdain is geared towards certain Digimon that are not following his decrees, which leads into the plot of the movie.

      • Andrew Mayes says:

        X-Evolution was actually an adaptation of the “Digimon Chronicle” mini-manga storyline that was released as a supplement to Digimon toys in Japan in 2004. It was released in four parts in Japan, and the only major difference between the manga and the movie, as far as I can tell, is that the manga had three human characters — Kouta, Yuuji, and Shinji — whereas the movie starred just the Digimon.

  4. Sabrblade says:

    Hey, since you’ll be redoing Zero Two, can you make the following corrections:

    “Wings of Love, Holsmon” to “Flapping Love, Holsmon”

    “Light of Smiles, Nefertimon” to “Smiling Light, Nefertimon” (this one to keep the titles consistent)

    “Storm of Friendship, Lighdramon” to “Roaring Friendship, Lighdramon”

    “Autumn Wind” to “Momiji Oroshi” (since “Kusanagi” was subbed as such)

    “Leaf Hiding” to “Konoha Kakure” (for the same reason), or if not, then “Leaf Hiding” to “Leaf Concealment” (better translation)

    All instances of “Faithfulness” regarding the Digimental and Crest (i.e. – “Whirling Faithfulness”) to “Sincerity” (as it’s the official Bandai of Japan English term for it)

    There may be others, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

  5. AndyRods says:

    Nice job!!!!! But you make a torrent batch later? :)

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