Release: Our War Game v2 (MKV)

Download: RapidShare / BayFiles



Same deal as the first movie. Higher resolution and quality thanks to encoding straight from DVD, as well as touched-up script (thanks to Puto for helping out with that).

21 Responses to Release: Our War Game v2 (MKV)

  1. Kudo says:

    Summer Wars was a good sequel but nothing can beat the original, thank you very much!

    • fireguardiancoty says:

      Summer Wars has nothing to do with Digimon. At all.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Kudo was joking, since fans of Digimon (myself included) sometimes like to poke fun at Mamoru Hosoda for “ripping himself off” with Summer Wars.

        Thanks for the revised script! :)

        • Sunshine says:

          Has everyone forgot the Luis Vutton animated commercial where young girl is being suck into parallel world by psychedelic-colored fantasy panda and the dimensions she flies in from one round chamber to other and so on looks much like the batlle environment in Bokura no War Game with Kuramon pictures replaced with flowers.

          That commercial was also directed by Hosoda.

  2. Taylor says:

    Welp, if only I held off for three-four days. I could’ve obtained this revision. XD;

    Though personally I had no problem at all with the script or the quality. (It far surpassed UptownAnime’s Movie 3 in terms of both those.) Granted, I can’t say for the script with squat Japanese knowledge.

  3. Firechick says:

    Is Hurricane Touchdown next?

  4. Anonymous says:

    will we ever see Hurricane Touchdown!!/Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals?

    • Anonymous says:

      They’ve said main, many (many) times that they’ll tackle it once they get done with Frontier and Tamers (along with their respective movies). I assume the V2 of “Diablomon Strikes Back” is in the works as well.

      It’s really not that long of a wait. :/ Frontier and Tamers are both nearing their finales. Let’s just be patient and grateful.

      • Thank you, sometimes it gets tiring replying to the same thing over and over. =V

        • Sunshine says:

          Too bad the 1st Zero Two movie is underrated like this…
          I’ve always like the storyline about lonely american kid who got two Digieggs instead of one and both, Terriermon and Plotmon are really cute characters.

          The scene with 02 main kids being shrunk into toddlers is rather dumb but otherwise the movie is really nice :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    At 33:02, shouldn’t Koshiro’s line be “their response time is DE-creasing,” not “increasing?” That seems to be what the movie implies, but if the translation is really “increasing,” then forgive me for bringing it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, at 33:52, I think you meant to say “the mails *aren’t* stopping,” not “won’t.”

      I really do feel like a dick for pointing these out, and I hope I’m not being annoying. I just know you guys like to be as perfect as possible. ^_^;

    • No. Think of “response time” as in latency, the lower the better. If they start reacting more slowly, that’s the same as saying their response time becomes higher – in other words, it increases.

      As for the other mistake, yeah, that slipped through. It’s what happens when you change something in a line and then don’t check if the whole thing still makes sense. =V

  6. Link2Hyrule says:

    What I want to know, and this has nothing to do with PC, but with TOEI, the company that makes Digimon, is why do they give the Digimon movies such inferior animation quality. Usually anime movies get equal if not superior animation than their series episodes. Seems they stopped and switched to better animation when they did the Tamers and all future movies, but still, I am curious as to why they did it in the first place.

    • I don’t think the first four movies were “inferior” in animation so much as just used a different style. The animation in the first four Digimon movies, for the most part, was much more fluid and dynamic than that in the TV series, they just used Mamoru Hosoda’s more “washed-out” style. Now, true, only the first two movies were directed by Hosoda, but I guess they wanted to keep the Adventure movies consistent with one another or something.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering something. In the old version of “Our War Game,” the subs refer to Koshiro’s Russian friend as a “he.” In this revised version, the Russian friend is a “she” (but the subtitle files still mention the “he” version as an alternate translation). I know Japan doesn’t have any gender specific pronouns, so I was wondering how exactly to confirm this friend’s gender.

    Thanks in advance! I was just a little confused.

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