Tamers v2’s up

All the new encodes are up at the Tamers page, as well as all the scripts so far. Of course, whether the MultiUpload links will work or not is another matter.

Edit: every DDL site I try seems to fail the day after. Gimme some time to do something about that. =V

6 Responses to Tamers v2’s up

  1. sailorveki says:

    Did you try MultiGulper? I heard it’s very good (that you can DL from many filehosts simultaneously). But yeah, it seems like filehosts are failing one after the other. If this doesn’t die down, in the end we’ll be stuck with torrents. Or IRC. ^^;

    Could you consider putting the latest files on MediaFire as well? Digimon Adventure Movie v2 + the AVIs of Tamers 39-42 & Froniter 17v2 (since they are smaller than 200 MB)? *puppy eyes* Or maybe on MirrorCreator? I guess to re-upload all the Tamers v2 AVIs would be a pain in the neck. ^^;

    From all MultiUpload links only WupLoad (and here & there DepositFiles) seems to still work – IF there’s a WupLoad link (there isn’t one for Tamers 42 avi/mkv or for 40/41 mkv or for 39 avi T__T), but I’m afraid since WupLoad is run by FileSonic (or so I heard), it could go down the same path FileSonic did. -__-

    Maybe it’s best to put the MKVs in RapidShare & AVIs in MediaFire, like you did with Tamers 43? Or MirrorCreator if that’s not too much work. Well, I hope you’ll figure something out. ^^

    Btw, this is unrelated, but I heard WordPress deleted a blog of a guy who was posting his manga scanlations. LiveJournal was deleting either his posts or links with the scanlations (can’t remember which, but they didn’t delete his blog), so he went to WordPress instead and yeah, whole blog gone… D: Now he’s back on LiveJournal, he created another account. Hope you’ll be safe. ^^; Maybe you should rename this blog (remove ”subs” from the title or something), so they don’t notice you. ^^; Hope I’m not being paranoid. XD

    • Yeah, I’m gonna set a bunch of stuff to upload on RS and MF overnight. If this ends up being a waste of time and both go down, that’s it, I’ll just use torrents. I don’t feel like wasting time uploading stuff to sites that may or may not last more than a week.

    • pu7o says:

      If this blog gets deleted, then I’ll give Positron hosting on my server or something. Doubt it’ll come to that though; it’s Digimon, I doubt Disney’s gonna be complaining about fansubs.

    • sailorveki says:

      Both the Rapidshare and the Mediafire people said in interviews that they aren’t worried that they would share Megaupload’s fate, which is cool. It wouldn’t be cool if they disable the sharing thingy though, like some other filehosts. I hope they won’t. I’m not too crazy about torrents. :P And I don’t feel like learning how to use IRC. :P

      Oh cool, you have a server, Pu7o? :O Maybe Disney won’t complain, but TOEI might? Anyway, it’s cool you have an alternative.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. doctoreviloverlord says:

    At this moment, Rapidshare is your best bet. Decent speed, definitely huge improvement since last time I used Rapidshare. Sometime I get 20 second waiting time or no waiting time.

    My suggest to you, is rar your file and scramble name for the rar. Keep original file name inside the rar. So that’s a way to avoid the fileserve fiasco. No password necessary. I got couple another sites passwording their rar(s)…I think it is unnecessary but an extreme time will be needing an extreme method. :shrugs:

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