Apparently they took MegaUpload down. Luckily I have most of the stuff mirrored on MediaFire, so I’d only have to reupload the couple of movies that are over 200MB and thus were only on MU. But I’ll just wait until I v2 them one of these days. From now on I’ll probably use MultiUpload exclusively.

8 Responses to Welp

  1. Anonymous says:

    MultiUpload is excellent!

  2. AndyAlex says:

    megaupload always sucked why dont u put all ur realeases on mediafire wich is the best

    • Because MediaFire has a 200MB limit on filesize. Personally, I always get the best speed from MegaUpload and it lets me download a lot of stuff before making me wait. MediaFire is great for small files though.

      • AndyAlex says:

        oh well in my country MU was the slowest ddl site from all of them on the internet

        • Anonymous says:

          Most of the time I got 1-2/mbs from megaupload :D

          And what are you talking about “slowest ddl site from all of them on the internet”
          That had the second highest speed for non-premium users second to mediafire…..

          With most other services, you are super lucky if you got around 100/kbs before the download stops on you because you reached the download limit if you are a free user…..

  3. Fornit says:

    Hey, do you need my help to UL all your episodes on narod.ru?

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