Release: Digimon Tamers 42

MKV (H264)
AVI (Xvid)

Yeah, don’t get too used to this. We just had a build-up of scripts with no encodes to apply them to until yesterday. =P

Today’s Huluderps:

On a completely unrelated note: please help this has been stuck in my head all day


The day Falcom Sound Team stops making awesome final battle themes is the day the world ends.

12 Responses to Release: Digimon Tamers 42

  1. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Thank you guys again. =)

  2. Anononono says:

    Wow, these past releases were a surprise, How long will Tamers be on hiatus till the next batch?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can’t stop laughing at those hulu screenshots
    Also, Thanks for the releases. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there a reason why episodes 41 and 42 are titled [PLSP-card]? Just asking for archival purposes.

  5. TsUNaMyWaVe says:

    Scripts? >:
    And thanks~!

  6. I couldn’t find Puto’s contact info and you don’t seem to have a public IRC channel, so I’ll just post here and hope Puto notices my comment or Positron does and tells him.

    Puto, the aliasing in your new Tamers encodes has a simple reason: the IVTC filter you’re using inspects the resulting frames and deinterlaces them if they still have combing; well, it thinks frames like those in the building shot in the beginning of the first episode and in the eyecatches are combed and deinterlaces them. Tweaking the IVTC filter’s settings, primarily the combing detection threshold, or changing the filter altogether should resolve the issue. (Beware of pieces that are indeed interlaced, like the shot of Ruki card-slashing in the first episode. Tōei, don’t decimate telecined footage ever again.)

    I’ve wasted the last week or so trying to make a good encode of the first episode while correcting errors present on the DVD. So far I’ve inverse-telecined without deinterlacing and corrected the aliasing in the preview (and noticed that the text written on the box is different from that shown in the second episode), and I’m still working on fixing up the shot of Ruki card-slashing and the eyecatches; they keep getting better and I keep getting increasingly perfectionist. Oh, and I’m doing 712×480 with 4320:4739 pixel aspect ratio.

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work in sharing with us the better quality subs!!!
    I’m just wondering, I can’t seem to download this episode (AVI (Xvid) version) from any of the link from the multiupload. Is it just me?
    If possiblem can you reup in MF?
    Thank you in advance! *deep bow*

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