Release: Digimon Adventure Movie v2

Since I got the DVD ISOs for some of the movies, I thought I might as well make an encode straight from those to replace the old Xvid ones.

Comparison here. The new one is 16:9 anamorphic 704×480 as opposed to the old one’s 720×416 resolution (if you’re wondering, the missing horizontal pixels are from cropping the black bars and resizing down to the nearest mod16 value, instead of resizing up again) and it also keeps some extra detail. I also tweaked the script some while I was at it. MKV version only, since there’s not much to be gained from doing another Xvid encode of this (and it’s not like quality is the priority for AVI-Xvid releases).


A v2 of the second movie will follow at some point soon, and maybe the 4th movie as well.

inb4 questions about movie 3 to which I answer “when everything else is done”

9 Responses to Release: Digimon Adventure Movie v2

  1. doctoreviloverlord says:

    My xmas present from you came early! Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Gaylord McFagpants says:

    I’m just wondering what “when everything else is done” means; I’m assuming that it means the completion of Tamers and Frontier first?

  3. koshiro says:

    thank you so much!!!!!
    can you upload again?
    that link (download) doesn´t work

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