Release: Digimon Frontier 34

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AVI (Xvid):
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In this episode: Digimon politics.

And next time: FUCK YEAH THE LAST ELEMENT. Even if that marks the start of The Takuya And Koji Show.

Note: If lines with italics show up like this for you:

Then all I can say is that releases are only (supposedly) guaranteed to play perfectly on CCCP with Media Player Classic (or anything that uses the same filters). Stuff like VLC, which uses its own filters, can be incompatible with certain updates. (Scratch that, even CCCP/MPC fails if you don’t have the font installed). In any case, I’ll try reverting to the previous mkvmerge version for the next episode since the latest one apparently handles font attachments in a slightly different way, which may be what breaks certain players. You can also try installing the fonts included with the scripts.

12 Responses to Release: Digimon Frontier 34

  1. Yeah, its my main problem with Frontier too, how it focuses on them two and leaves the others out to dry. =\.

  2. pu7o says:

    +1 on “Fuck yeah the Last Element.” Badass song of awesome is badass song of awesome. And this needs to be stated more.

    • Nice to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that song kicks serious ass. It easily ranks among the most badass Digimon evolution-themes for me, (along with One Vision and We Are Xros Heart – ver. x7) and I’ve been looking forward to reaching this part of the series just for that song.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or is the subtitle text bigger than usual?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Excited for the last element song too. >:3

  5. Casey says:

    Hi! I have found that the larger text / different font thing is also happening for me with the v2 of Tamers episode 22. All the other v2s seem fine though. And I am using Media Player Classic with the latest CCCP. I don’t mind too much but I thought that might be useful for you to know. Thanks for the episodes!

    • Okay, thanks for pointing it out. Pretty sure it’s because of the latest mkvmerge version then, it just didn’t happen to me because I have all the fonts installed. I’ll use the previous version for the next release and hopefully get rid of the issue.

  6. @PositronCannon There’s no need to revert to an older mkvmerge. Just set the MIME type for the font attachments manually until players are fixed; you want application/x-truetype-font. See for more details. Make sure you set this MIME type for both TTF and OTF fonts.

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