Fuck YouTube

Well, that’s one less place I have to upload to. Should’ve learned my lesson from 02, actually.

Though I don’t really get why people use streams nowadays, instead of downloading. I only put them on YT for the extra publicity anyway.

10 Responses to Fuck YouTube

  1. Anononono says:

    Not really YouTube’s fault, but I definitely see where you’re coming from. I agree with the streaming as well. I haven’t watched any anime/animation streaming since the early 2000’s when I missed a South Park episode (back when it hadn’t gotten stale yet). Most the streams are lower quality compared to what you can d/l.

  2. HiByeYou987 says:

    Depending on how fast your internet is steaming could be faster?…. maybe?

  3. noor says:

    hi again god damnit youtube is fucking jerk he always do that to my old channels when iwas uploading animes and i always ended up removing my uploads i understand what you are going through damn it even my fucking country blcoking all websites even anime online and manga they even damn it got to your cool uploades here T-T thats why icant even download from both megaupload and midafire iam so damn sad but icant do any thing about it all ican say thank you for your great sub even though icant see them any more i love all your hard works of subbing them you are my great subber iam your fan and ilove all your digimon subbing from season 2 till now and if you may ve time can you try daily motion cuz seem daily motion better than you tube cuz there yugioh subber s upload there after fucking youtube what did to them and any way iam with your opinoin downlaods linck way better even though it is banned on this country thank you once again

  4. misopsychia says:

    zzzz….. i was wondering when youtube will do that . in the past i watch few anime through youtube and was annoyed when they always remove them .

    @noor: i dunno whether you’re in the same country as me or not. coz my country blocked so many filesharing sites it was even on the newspaper t(-,-t) but my friends gave me a tip or to bypass some

  5. Benjamin Tan says:

    Best remove your link in your vid. description, lest the Copyright ppl start targetting here…
    And tyvm for all your hard work in letting us enjoy Digimon again. =D

  6. MrHatredoffury says:

    Would you still be releasing episode 33 and the others? It’ll just not be on youtube right?

  7. 樋村信字 says:

    i advice you must change the name or use initial example

    i upload on my channel some PV of band,then i use alternate name
    example: the gazette – suicide circus then i upload with name Amussement park murderer
    just old trick but work

  8. Taylor says:

    And yet loads of rips of the dub broadcasts remain on Youtube. >:[

  9. Man.. Fuck YouTube! This is my second fucking account. and yet agin….. those japanese assholes….SHOPRO…Think that its copyright infringement…That is bullsh*t!
    My last account was named Pokepimp30875. My new one is named ViableNutria797.
    If i get terminated… I will never ever fucking come back to YouTube!!!

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