No, I’m not quitting

Whatever misunderstandings arose from the joke in the previous entry, well, that’s all they are. All I quit was my involvement in other fansub groups (by disappearing because that’s what I do and who cares about a timer anyway), thus people saying I’m dead and I just played along as a joke.

If anything it’ll have the opposite effect since I’m less burnt out and more inclined to work on my own projects. Of course, my own laziness is a separate factor. :V

7 Responses to No, I’m not quitting

  1. Dharma says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I have assburgers and take things literally you know. :V

  2. Alexia says:

    hope it does result in more updates :D

  3. jdp says:

    But… we care ;_;

  4. iMon says:

    “and who cares about a timer anyway”

    We did, right when you dissapeared lol.

  5. Oh thank goodness. Here I was afraid that the projects were now utterly doomed and that Tamers and Frontier would now NEVARRRRRRR have a complete high-quality fansub and all. [/ttlynotjoking]

  6. Vale says:

    well if you quit saying something, i’d have tried to convince you otherwise then if you still go on let go. now i have the strong urge to tell you to go fuck yourself with a splintered broomstick. lucky i’m good at suppressing my uncivilized urges.

    • Well, you’d have the right to tell me that. As I said, I’m a faggot .

      And though I know it sounds hypocritical, I do respect your work as a translator and I’m sorry to screw you over like that, but after months of contributing towards a project I didn’t give a damn about because of my inability to say “no” to people, along with other unrelated stuff that’s happened, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

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