22 Responses to lol

  1. Dharma says:

    What happened? Why are you dead?

  2. Anononono says:


  3. cybeast777 says:

    Lol so are you the roaming ghost of Positron who is unable to find peace in this world and therefore cannot move on to the afterlife?

  4. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Goodnight sweet prince….?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Watch out or Positron will become a Hollow and eat our souls (Bleach reference). Seriously though, glad you’re subbing Frontier, it’s my fav season (even though many people hate it)…

  6. XD says:

    Hey your video in youtube(Digimon adventuerer 02 ) has been banned . Hope u can upload episode 31 T.T

  7. Saurion says:

    The hell? XD

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it… why are you dead?

  9. iMon says:


    And that guy above, that was me.

  10. XD says:

    b4 that can upload digimon adventuer 02 episode 31 again??T.T

  11. larz9220 says:

    god damnit nooo dont go i will pay you for a hurricane touchdown sub name your price FFFFFFFF

  12. Sporky McForkinspoon says:

    Hey, I hope you get lots of these, but, if not, long time downloader, first time caller… I really appreciate your work, Digimon was my favorite series when I was a kid and I had to wait forever to finally see 02 subbed. Getting Tamers on top of that is great too. It’s too bad you’re retire when these are done, but, at least ten years later, decent subs will always exist.

  13. Dharma says:

    It’s a shame to see you quit. Your subs are the only decent ones around for Frontier. I was hoping you would finish it, because I can’t stand WPP’s. It’s the way it goes I guess. I hope did you not make this decision lightly.

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