Release: Digimon Tamers 34

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Massive mood whiplash status: Achieved

And for today’s Hulufail:

Also, regarding the previous entry:

Sounds likely enough to me, so I’ll probably v2 it sometime.

11 Responses to Release: Digimon Tamers 34

  1. doctoreviloverlord says:

    Looking forward for v2 of epi 27.

    Thanks for the release.

  2. Bernd says:

    About that Frontier line:
    First word sounds like “Gedächtnis” (memory),
    but the second imho doesn’t sound like “gewähren”,
    more like “Lore” or maybe it should have been “Löwe” (lion) or “lade” (load)?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im a german aswell and tried to figure out what it means… reading the rest about it, it could very well be “Gedächtnis Eroberung” which would be “conquest memory” and i guess would make sense there. It just sounds abit like hes trying to avoid the 2nd word as much as possible and getting over with it fast, so it sounds kind of weird and short at that point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention “gewähren” is only “give” in the sense of “to allow, to grant.”

    • Yeah, even while making that suggestion myself I strongly suspected that the grammar might be wrong. But really, when has Japan ever been particularly picky about the grammar of foreign languages? I’d say them trying to get him to say “Give me your memories!” in German and then using the slightly wrong words seems like an entirely plausible explaination.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So “Give memory”?
    What is this, Jermen? (Japan+German)

  6. SailorVeki says:

    I have watched that Duskmon part in ep 27 a few times and also listened to that wav at least 30 times, and here’s my 2 cents about it. ^^ I’m not German, but I’ve been learning German for 10+ years (since primary school) and now it’s my major in university.

    That doesn’t sound neither like gewähren nor like Eroberung. It’s not even close. The first word is 100% Gedächtnis (he says ”gedehutonisu”). The 2nd word sounded like ”aren” or ”arun” to me. So, after thinking about it and taking into account that Japanese puts either ”o” or ”u” after consonants in foreign words (since Japanese has to have a vowel after every consonant) –> this eliminates the ”e”, so it can only be ”u” –> if we remove ”u” that makes the non-Japanese word into ”arn” –> after thinking about what word is similar to arn, only ”Arm” comes to mind –> Arm (noun) = hand, arm (adjective) = poor. So it has to be Arm, hand (which means Duskmon actually said ”arum”). That makes it ”Gedächtnis Arm” (memory hand), which is grammar fail in German, but the Japanese always have grammar fail when using foreign languages anyway. :D

    So, either Duskmon’s right hand is called ”memory hand” or this technique he used on Kouji is called like this (lol, probably the latter XD). I think it’s best to leave it as ”Gedächtnis Arm”, since it’s a name of a technique in German, not in Japanese, I think it’s meant to be nonunderstandable (must sound really cool to the Japanese, lol), not to mention that ”memory hand” sounds stupid. ^^; Well, to German speaking people ”Gedächtnis Arm” also sounds stupid, but if we treat it the same way we do with Engrish, it’s tolerable. XD Well, it’s up to you whether to translate it or not. I’m pretty sure that what he says is Gedächtnis Arm. :3

    Sorry for the long comment. :P

    • Except “Arm” in Japanese would be pronounced as “Aamu”, not “Aarumu”. And I for one am quite clearly hearing “en” at the end. Honestly the only thing that makes the “Gewähren”-thing seem less than certain to me, is that I can’t hear any “ge” in there, (Well, that and the fact that I don’t know how the word is actually pronounced and the “ä” in “Gedächnis” came out as an I-sound in Japanese…) but that can be equated to terrible pronounciation.

      • SailorVeki says:

        I know it would be aamu, but I noticed they sometimes try to pronounce the word like in the original language, not in the Japanese way (but usually end up doing it half way, still adding ”o” or ”u” somewhere). Which leads to 1 character saying something in one way (half correct but with ”o” or ”u” somewhere) and another character saying it in another way (full Japanese pronunciation). I think he was trying to say Arm like in German, but since it’s hard to pronounce for the Japanese people, he had to add ”u”. Or maybe he thought that it’s Arrm, so ”aa” is for the first ”r”, and ”r” for the 2nd ”r”? :P *kidding*

        I hear him say ”aarum”. About this ”en” at the end that you’re hearing, to me it can sound like ”aren” (like I said, that’s what I thought when i first heard it) or ”arum” (after I realized it can only be Arm in German, now I can hear him say arum). So, I can still hear it now as either ”aren” or ”arum”, but I’m pretty sure it’s arum, because of the reasons I already stated before. Aren doesn’t mean anything, ”e” can’t be added to foreign words, so I think it’s arum.

        ”Ä” is pronounced almost as ”e”. I hear him say ”gedehutonisu” (it should be ”gedehtnis” in German, so he added ”u” and ”o”, but he pronounced ”ä” pretty good, as ”e”, I hear no ”i” sound in his ”gede”).

        No, there is definitely no ”ge” in the 2nd word. And gewähren means ”to approve, authorize, allow, grant”, which I highly doubt he would say. ”Please approve/authorize/etc. my looking at your memories”? Duskmon? While attacking Kouji? No way. :D Why would he say “Give me your memories!” twice in 2 languages? He was shouting the name of the technique. :) And the names of the techniques often have ”hand”, ”fist”, ”claw” or something like that in them, right? Like Devimon had an attack called ”Death Hand” and Leomon had ”Beast-King Fist”. Well, this one is ”Memory Hand” (or ”Memory Arm” if you want, actually, now that I think about it, ”arm” is better translation than ”hand”). It’s just that it doesn’t sound like a cool attack translated (like Death Hand does), it sounds cooler in German, lol (but not to people who understand German, of course). In the Digimon Wikia it says Duskmon’s other attacks are ”Geist Abend” and ”Eroberung” and Loweemon’s are ”Endlich Meteor” and ”Ewig Schlaf”, those are all in grammar fail German, so I think this is one of those attacks as well (fully in German, which means it’s ”Arm” -> if it was half in German, half in some other language, then it could be something else and not ”Arm”).

        I’m not trying to argue with you, you’re the translator, my knowledge of Japanese is surely way inferior to yours. I’m just offering my suggestion of the German word, since I speak German. I’ve been listening to Japanese and Korean for years so I’m used to trying to find out what the hell are they saying, which letter is it in the end (like this can sound bouth ”aren” or ”arum”). XD Also, it often happens to the translators that they hear something wrong. I quite often hear in an anime the character saying one thing, and the translator writting another thing (which sounds very similar, so I can understand how they could hear it that way). It happened to me a few times too when I was translating German or English (some other person would then tell me ”but to me it sounds like this” and then I would realize I heard it wrong), maybe it’s because of too much exposure to the language (listening to something a lot while translating it).


      • Why Duskmon would say it twice, once in Japanese and once in German? I dunno, but considering how Izumi does the same thing all the time (except, y’know, with Italian) it doesn’t really seem like a huge stretch. Then there’s the fact that I can’t find any indications of Duskmon having a “Gedächtnis …” attack on any of the wikis or anywhere else, which leads me for one to assume that it’s not supposed to be an attack-name… That, or they changed their mind later and renamed the attack “Eroberung” after it had already been used under another name. And you said it yourself; All of Duskmon and Löwemon’s attacks are gramatically incorrect, so is him using the wrong word for “give” such a huge stretch?

  7. SailorVeki says:

    Yeah, but isn’t Izumi half Italian or something. Or lived in Italia, I don’t remember which. Usually, when you use another language, you’d say something in that language first (because you’re more used to it so it comes to mind faster) and then translate it to people around you to another language so they’ll understand you, right? Why would Duskmon do it the other way around, first saying it in Japanese, then in German? And to someone who isn’t German, so he wouldn’t understand him? Or are Kouji & Kouichi half German or lived in Germany? I don’t remember anything about them, I watched Frontier a looong time ago. :P But I kinda doubt it, they look totally Japanese to me, and it would be kinda pointless to have 2 or 3 people in the team using different languages (since we have Izumi for that).

    And I see no point in Duskmon saying something twice when he’s about to attack someone. It’s not like he’s asking Kouji to give him his memories (Harry Potter style, with a wand? XD), so he has to ask him twice. He demands it, he’ll just take the memories himself. He says ”give me your memories”, and then attacks him. Why would he say it twice? That would be wasting time. He doesn’t seem like a type that likes to talk a lot. It makes more sense to me that what he said after that is the name of the technique. And I can clearly hear ”gedehutonisu aarum/aaren”. :P

    Maybe he uses that technique only once, so people didn’t bother to put it into Wiki or other places or they just overlooked it. Or they didn’t understand what he’s saying, the same way it happened here to us? ;) Did you look into the Japanese Wiki or some other site written in Japanese, maybe someone wrote it in katakana? I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t look for it…

    Also, doesn’t ”yokose” mean something like ”hand it over”? I’d say it’s a demand. But ”gewähren” is a request. ”Please give me” or ”allow me” etc… Give = geben in German. He would say ”Gib mir dein Gedächtnis” (demand, imperative). Or in grammar fail German, probably ”Gedächtnis geben” (infinitive). But I hear no ”ge” in the 2nd word anyway, so it’s not gewähren and it’s not geben. I really think it’s a technique. And I think techniques/attacks don’t use verbs, only nouns. That’s why I said all those attacks I mentioned above are gramatically incorrect, German can’t have 2 nouns standing together in nominative (like ”Death Hand”). It’s not about wrong words, it’s about wrong cases.

    No, it’s not a huge stretch that he would use a wrong word for ”give”, but since the creators don’t know German, I think they would use the most common (and most correct) verb for ”give”, which is ”geben”. And I don’t think they would use a verb in a technique. Ok, even if it’s not a technique, just him talking in German (again, why would he talk in German?), there’s no ”ge” in the 2nd word. :)

    Eroberung means ”conquest”. It sounds like an attack name to me. While ”memory arm” sounds like a technique for extracting memories, but not like an attack. So I don’t think it’s a same move/attack/technique. I think he uses ”memory arm” just this once, that’s why it isn’t mentioned in Wikis. Or people didn’t understand it. :)

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